A Challenge to The Origin of Stupidity

Anybody tired of Kirk Cameron’s simplistic worldview on Christianity and evolution?  I sure am! Never fear, some hot Russian chick (well her accent sounds Russian or Eastern European) packed with a lot of brains on a Youtube video clip takes a shot at this guy’s narrow world view. James Pate, if you’re out there, I’d love to hear your feedback. Yes, this chick’s an atheist. So what? I think she’s trying to present a real case of what evolution is and what evolution is not! I have also mentioned here many, many, many times  that scientist Dr.Francis Collins believes in God and believes in evolution—and Dr.Collins has never felt the need to see the dichotomy between the two—unlike Cameron who feels every need for one. Anyone offended by the colourful language or even the fact this girl’s an atheist, you can always go some place else on cyberspace. The rest of us will enjoy this and get a few laughs along the way!