What’s on this blog for 2008???

Happy New Year to all! May all achieve their hopes, desires and dreams this year. I just wanted to  whet your appetite on what do I plan writing on this blog. I can tell you, it is NOT going to be boring but the plans are for exciting, thought provoking material. Yes, this is a “big ideas” “pro-thinking” blog and may it stay that way! You won’t find Paris Hylton stuff here! LOL!!!

Articles I like to see done and completed are:

51iv6dxciql__bo2204203200_pisitb-dp-500-arrowtopright45-64_ou01_aa240_sh20_.jpg217n86v4x8l__aa115_.jpgI want to do two, yes you heard me, two book reviews on dealing with the theology of the death of Christ. One is called Christus Victor by Gustaf Aulen and the other is Recovering the Scandal of the Cross. I have shifted belief  to the Christus Victor view of atonement as opposed to the penal substitution view originated by 11th century scholar Anselm and was popularized by John Calvin centuries later.  Personally, with the Christus Victor view of atonement, I can see God as truly a Loving Father. With penal substitution, I don’t see God as such but as the character from TV’s Law and Order Jack McCoy who is seeking to impose harsh penalties to satisfy his wrath and anger. Stay tuned for this.

church_wars.jpgMy series on Why The Churches of God Will Not Re-unite. I want to discuss  the first reason is because of their defective nature of the Godhead.  I know there are some who argumentively disagree but I know full well that this is a touchy, nervy subject for some but it needs to be discussed. Church history and theology have repeatedly and thoroughly proven that all heresy starts with a defective view of the Godhead. Yes, the orthodox view of grace is ONLY given through a trinitarian perspective. I can hear the growling coming. LOL!!!

 couple.jpgThe historic Worldwide Church of God and Sex.  This article may have some sequels attached to it.  If you were single and unmarried, the historic Worldwide Church of God expected you to be a thoughtless, sexless robot. Your sexuality was to be denied and repressed.  You were just told it is like flicking of a switch on and off. Any intelligent, rational and non-fanatical person will be upfront and honest to agree human biology is not designed that way. Anybody will tell you that we are sexual beings when we are born until we die (but a fundamentalist whether cultic or “orthodox” stubbornly can never grasp it).  Of course the historic WCG (and the current splinters) disagrees. I will attempt to propose a “third way” view on human sexuality while condemning both the repressive Augustinian based, Gnostic based views that have pervaded Christiendom for centuries and the hedonistic, pro-promiscous, if it feels good do it philosophies that originated from late 1960’s thinking. Crystal ball prediction: Liberal Christians will say I didn’t go far enough—those sympathetic to the Religious Right will say I have gone to far but in the mind of Felix Taylor, I will firmly believe I have at least attempted (and I know it won’t be perfect) a good balance!

american_flag_hdtv_waving.jpgI would like to review and critique some of the smaller books from the historic WCG (I’d like to do a bigger book like The Incredible Human Potential but that would take up too much time that I don’t currently have) but I hope sometime this year as the United States has a presidential election, I want to do a ruthless critique on Herbert Armstrong’s article on why a “Christian” should never vote in this “world’s” elections. I got 11 months, I should prepare and research to debunk this stupid theory and crazed legalism that Armstrong imposed. I would even like some XCGers rebel. The real reason why in most splinters they ban it’s members from voting or running for office is that they can’t stand to have it’s underlings in high positions of authority over them. Nothing more. I’m ready to start this fight, this year.

Where do you the reader come into play (this excludes the stalkers but definately includes the internet couch potatoes)??? Come along, comment and enjoy the ride!