Two more on the blogroll


n1168893940_7966pic1As I have always said on my blog that there is truly life after the Worldwide Church of God, whether historic or evangelical…and more abundantly. Two men who have been part of the WCG  have truly expressed that in their own blogs.  Interestingly enough both are doing Bible studies on Revelation (it’s a guy thing) and believe you me, I am soo glad I learn something new every day.  What was the real story about Laodocea? What God mean that they were neither hot nor cold? What about the number 666? Who is the Beast? If you are truly looking answers that are quite different from what you were taught in the historic WCG, these two gentleman can guide you in the path. Fellow Canadian (from the province of Saskatchewan)  John Valade has his blog by the name of Wascilla Fellowship 2.0 and good ole Texan boy Randy Olds has his blog Life Aboveground. So here is more to your reading list!