More on the Spring Holy Days with Joe Amaral

I want to wish those celebrating the Spring Holy Days  (Jew, Messianic Jew and Christian alike) a joyous time and I wish those who are commemorating and celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on the traditional dates of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, I also wish those  as well a joyous and memorable occasion. I got another video clip from Joe Amaral on the meaning of The Days of Unleavened Bread.

Interests in The Holy Days in Evangelical circles continues

Again, the irony. When the Worldwide Church of God  (now Grace Communion International) embraced the historic Christian faith (and rightly so) in the 1990’s, sadly what went along with it  was a campaign from the church’s leadership to de-emphasizing and eventually eliminating any type of celebration of Levitical festivals that the denomination held for many decades. Turn the clock ahead to another decade a new one, the 2010’s—on the long-running popularly acclaimed Canadian-based Christian show, 100 Huntley Street, a scholar by the name of Joe Amaral who studies the Hebraic foundations of Christianity, is talking about how Jesus Christ is the focus and fulfillment of the Holy Days mentioned in Leviticus 23. Mr.Amaral is not without the aggressive but very ignorant “We-are-not-Jews” resistance approach from opponents and other silly paranoia but nevertheless there are others who interested in a real adult conversation and have no time for others who aggressively shut down their ability to think outside the box. Joe Amaral has a website called First Century Foundations: Exploring Our Hebraic Roots and here is some clips from 100 Huntley Street with him explaining how Christ is a part of these festivals. Not once did I hear him saying that they are required for salvation. Instead, I hear him say that learning and understanding these feast are beneficial. He may celebrate differently than other evangelical Christians when it comes to the liturgical calendar of worship but he’s no Armstrongite and he’s  no Judaizer and trust me I will not tolerate an inch of slander declaring that’s not the case on this blog. Don’t test me. Otherwise, enjoy what he has to say on these clips and the let the adult conversation begin.