For Shabat


Anyone seen the movie Fiddler on the Roof ?  I first seen it at a church social when I was 15 and I loved it! I guess one of the “good” things being in the historic Worldwide Church of God was it’s “philo-Semitism” and for me I always felt some connection to the Jews and have some fascination with Judaism (well I’m a staunch fan of Rabbi Shmuely Boteach as many of you know and in the mid to late 90’s, liked what most of what Dr.Laura had to say. I even bought a couple of her books!). Some have interpreted my admiration as something malignant, to be gravely concerned about and not healthy. Whatever!!! I can only say to them in return, get a freaking grip and need to get a real life to say the least! Now, I got that off of my chest, I got two clips from the movie, “The Sabbath Prayer”  and “Sunrise, Sunset”. May these be relaxing as well as inspirational as we head into another weekend.


Interesting article from Derek Leman, as always

family_treeAnything that discusses law, Judaism or even Messianic Judaism is sure to raise eyebrows and arguments with some. On Derek Leman’s blog Messianic Jewish Musings discusses about the journey of one person, who is of non-Jewish background, with his affinity with Messianic and regular Judaism. Just to let some know, I am NOT the guy! 🙂  Neverthless, I think the person in question makes some interesting and valid points which may not be comfortable with some, which is perfectly fine with me. I do have plans (yes, please be patient) on a series of  posts here which deal with responding to objections to Messianic Judaism.  That sure is also to generate some discussion and that is understatement to say the least. Right now read Derek’s post Strangers Choosing Jewish Life.