Intelligent Quote of The Day

Freedom of  speech is not freedom [from] criticism. Freedom of religion is not freedom to religiously and emotionally abuse your kids. Tolerance is not staying silent while people hurt other people. People need to be aware of what fundamentalism is all about. The more voices that criticize it rationally; the more people who speak out with the consequences fundamentalism has had on their lives, the more maybe hurt people like my parents will think twice before getting involved in it.

The Redheaded Skeptic talking about her life long battle with Christian fundamentalism that was very costly in every sense of the word.

Paradise Restored Trailer

The following trailer is from an upcoming independent movie called Paradise Restored. This project was originated by a person called Andie Redwine, a former member of the Worldwide Church of God. This individual informed me of his project in the comments section in The About section of my blog. With J of Shadows of WCG and Aggie’s Purple Hymnal  promoting this project in their respective blogs, I thought it is only appropriate that I follow suit.  It is my hope that this film will reach in my place of residence Toronto, where The Toronto Film Festival occurs every September. For those who have been under the tyranny of Armstrongism and other types of fundamentalism (or as Gavin would say fundagelicalism), it is urged that you can give this project the best support you can so it can be seen in many places in North America (perhaps the world) as possible. They have a website and blog here. Without further delay, here is the trailer for Paradise Restored.

PS—A note of correction, Andie Redwine is a SHE! It is my hope that many blogs will start a movement to get this film in many places as possible. Spread the word!