One of my favourites from Genesis

I have been a long time fan of the music group Genesis and I have always loved Phil Collins during my teen years. Yes, growing up in the WCG there was one minister who had to a be a spoiler at a Bible study was preaching how Phil’s song, “One More Night” was an evil song amongst other ’80’s songs he did not like. Here I present a still relevant video from Genesis about those who exploit Jesus and Christianity and into a sick money-making business. Still relevant today as it was  then in the early ’90’s. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “One of my favourites from Genesis

  1. Ah, Genesis. They’ve been amongst my favorites for decades. I have to admit though I much prefer their earlier work to what they were doing in the 80’s. They were at their all time best when Peter Gabriel was their lead singer and Phil Collins was a drummer/backup singer. If you ever get a chance to hear their 1973 release “Selling England By The Pound”, you won’t regret it.

    Their style of music during the 70’s was what is now termed “Progressive” or just “Prog” Rock. After their 1980 release called “Duke”, they began to change to a more commercially viable pop rock format. A lot of their older fans never could quite forgive them for selling out.

    But I have to admit, their pop stuff was a few notches above most of the rest, and you could still hear elements of their older Progrock style now and then – especially in songs like Abacab. Certainly from their perspective, it was a whole lot more lucrative.

  2. I was a teenager in the 1980’s and impressed with Phil Collins and Genesis. Peter Gabriel was solo in the mid-’80’s and I thought he was just as good, though very different in his artistic temperment than Phil. I know there are those who stuck with Genesis since the ’70’s and see things a little differently but us guys who raised with Phil Collins are a product of our then-teenage environment. I have heard some tunes of Genesis under Gabriel’s leadership (e.g. I Know What I Like which I like better than Phil’s) and like it too. In any case, Genesis has been one of greatest groups to come on the scene.

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