Wise Words of Amy-Jill Levine


Thanks again to Gavin for introducing me to Amy Jill Levine’s book called The Misunderstood Jew, which I have borrowed from my public library and have read a sizeable portion of it. My reaction, is that this should and must be the basis for another refomation (hopefully more massive than the one in the 16th century) in Protestant Christianity and it verifies that Christianity is Jewish (with apologies to Edith Schaefer and her book by the same name).  Of course, this naturally irritates and grates nerves of some who believe otherwise (having influences from supersessionalism and replacement theology thinking where the Church has replaced Israel) and would like people to submit (forget respect) to their worldview.  Recent comments on one particular message board still  exist, for example, “Getting Christians to focus on their so-called Jewish roots serves to get their focus off Christ and Him crucified.” I can only respond (but with all due respect) is, “purely bigoted narrow minded nonsense!”  If one would care to read Ms. Levine’s book they just might respect the alternative opinion.  I ask only one question, if I was going to marry, let’s say an woman of an Italian background, wouldn’t it be  wise for me to research  about her Italian heritage to get to know her better but studying the spiritual bride’s (Jesus’ Christ) heritage is dangerous? Little wonder why Bill Maher of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher  has abundant jokes on his show about the logical thinking process of those who claim to be devoutly religious in the Christian faith. Nine times out of ten, I believe he is right. Anyway, I just discovered from what had to from all websites (David Hulme’s Vision, of course) to hear some words of wisdom from Professor Levine. As I have said before, I am no fan David Hulme (I sat through a Bible Study back in ’91 and he says that some of us singles will never be married and years later he marries a fresh young woman in her 20’s and he’s now 61—I can rant for hours, but I won’t at this time, sorry!) but I will give him the respect for having a video clip of Amy Jill Levine for describing the early church what it was REALLY like. Not our western liberal concepts that we have read into it. To see the clip, log here  and enjoy! My advice to Ms. Levine and Dr.John Garr, start helping Doug Ward and his Grace and Knowledge magazine out! Hint: Doug is not in this for the money but David is.