Rob Bell Strikes Back!

Thanks to my friend “The Scott” for finding this Youtube clip. As I said before and I will say again, I reject Absolute Universalism unilaterally (and I hope to write about a post on why I reject it) but when I have an opportunity to read Rob Bell’s latest controversial book Love Wins, I want to give him a fair hearing.  I have no reason to say, “Good-bye Rob Bell” (as Calvinist scholar John Piper did in his twitter message) after listening to this clip. Some of his views may be heterodox for some tastes, he still reveres scripture but not in the way some others do in the more narrowly defined way. There is a difference between being a Christian and a Biblicist. The historic Worldwide Church of God was a “biblicist” cult as to opposed to a Christian church—but  that too is another topic for another time.