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If you are Christian, I welcome you. Name the denomination I don’t care if you are Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, evangelical, post-evangelical, mainline Christian, I welcome you.

If you are Muslim, you are also welcome. If you’re Jewish you too are welcome (I don’t care if you are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist and yes, Messianic too!).

 Also a big welcome if you are Hindu, Buddhist, Confucionist,  Zoroastrian and even Atheist, Deist,Agnostic or an Apatheist (Bill Maher this means you!). Gay, straight, bisexual—welcome.  If you are American, Canadian (like me), Australian, Russian, Ethiopian, Chinese—welcome. In a nutshell for those who come here with peace, love  and understanding in their hearts welcome to the home of My Own Generous Orthodoxy.  For those who have been following my fanbase will remember this blog entitled Post WCG Life and Theology or it’s alternative title some chose to use  Life After the WCG which I began on blogger.com in 2005(archives still exist) and continued on until September 2007 when I decided to move to WordPress.com.  This mid-April of 2009, I decided to have a name change which is now My Own Generous Orthodoxy which is based from a book called A Generous Orthodoxy from Brian McLaren who is one of the prominent leaders in the Emergent movement in Christianity. Just for the record,  while respect Brian McLaren and others like him to make Christianity more relevant in the modern age, I do not walk in lock step with him or anyother religious leader. I take very seriously independent thinking. There are many religious leaders who want docile, seal-clapping, lap-dog type of people and trust me I am too old for their nonsense!

Many readers of this blog know that I am a former member of the Worldwide Church of God (now called Grace Communion Fellowship). I was a so-called “Second Generation Christian” in the group.  In my family, I was the last to leave the WCG in 1998 (brother left in 1988, mom left in 1997) after an agonizing decision during one of the church’s massive upheavals of that time which originated in 1995. It was a church I felt that may have gotten rid of it’s cultic doctrines but felt there was “systematic cultism”  still around and also important, I felt that the leadership had a peverse joy on thriving on the confusion of the members. This is simply not a mentally healthy way to live , despite some objections from those who expect themselves and others to “stay in the church no matter what!”  I made my decision in late 1998 and have never looked back. Frankly, with apologies to J of Shadows of WCG, I was recapturing true sanity.

Where do I stand now in my faith? Like the late Jesse Ancona (of Lying With The Truth e-book fame) I consider myself a Christian with a Judaic perspective but frankly I don’t want to stop there. As I have said before, I have some things of the Emergent movement to agree with, Eastern Orthodoxy, some theology in evangelical Christianity and so on and so on as I get older and wiser in years. People have need to define people in neat little boxes and that is pity. Complexity of a person’s beliefs should be embraced and not seen as a threat. I feel that there is a supernatural being out there but I am at the same time growing impatient with organized religion in general as they become reactive (instead of being proactive) and out of touch with reality and on the other hand they have allowed themselves to be overcomed by the world as opposed to overcoming the values the world offers (eg. the organized church is becoming like a corporation and that is simply not healthy).

Also this blog is for those who want address their grievances from a high-demand restrictive religious movement. This includes the WCG (now GCI) or it’s splinters. It is not limited to Armstrongism but all cults such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, Oneness Pentecostalism and even the excesses of the modern charismatic movement. It is irrelevant of how many years ago it was. It could be 50 (if you’re still alive)—30—20—10 years. It could be the last 10 months, 10 days or 10 minutes. We at My Own Generous Orthodoxy will never say to you, “That was a long time ago, just move on!” An injustice is stil an injustice.  Darkness must be exposed as it is. To simply be in denial about it is a sickness. People need to talk it out and trust me it feels a heck of a lot better. There is no such thing here as a `Can`t talk“ rule here. Yes, there are religious bullies (which I firmly believe who have mental health issues unresolved and need to be restrained) will attempt to silence any grievance but they will not get any far here. They are very manipulative, they play mind games in every word they speak but at the end of the day, I am the moderator and if they or anyone else can`t conduct themselves properly, they have absolutely NO RIGHTS here! NONE! I even apologize to `the church ladies“who may be reading here but the fact is that I hate bullies and I am not going to take shit from ANYBODY! Sorry to some about the language, but you cannot be polite to these people (ask Russell Miller of the Holy Mighty Atheist blog and he’ll be glad to verify that fact). These people have hate, condescension, arrogance, prejudice, polarization and do not seek to understand anybody else besides their own narcissistic selves. They are simply beyond reason and therefore do not have a home here at My Own Generous Orthodoxy. Plain and simple.

We at My Own Generous Orthodoxy want to welcome all want to escape the rigid and narrow binary thinking of all kinds fundamentalism and engage in civil but passionate debate about religion, spiritually, theology, monotheism and Christianity, to share big ideas among ourselves and most importantly to think critically about these things also, I extend a warm and long welcome here.

27 thoughts on “About this site

  1. You might remember me from the WCG years ago. We had some discussions here and there.

    I’m impressed with this site. You have a lot of material about the WCG.

    I came across your other site with you and John Tory standing together, and I remember you had been involved in politics. “Hey, that’s probably Felix!”


  2. Hi Alan, I do remember you somewhat but you’re right it has been a long time back. Welcome to my blogsite. About John, he is considering a run for the mayorship in my city and I believe he would do well. My prayers for John that he would be a lot less clumsy in his political judgement and I need to pray hard for that! LOL!!!

  3. I am a Christian who believes the one God is the Father and that Jesus is his only begotten Son, but is not our God. I am a former member of WCG and a former Baptist who still believes in John 3:16.

    It was interesting to notice that Myra and Byker Bob are on here.


  4. Great blog — thanks for all your hard work. I look forward to new posts from you. I left the WCG in 1979 —- seem like light years ago. I have just recently reconnected with a few AC grads from my Pasadena grad class (1971). So it is good to find at least a few of the latest “goings on” — including CGI.

  5. Christian greetings and good morning to you servants of the Most High God called to bring many to salvation. We pray and trust this letter finds you going bold and steadfast in the harvest field.Know that we are praying for and always thanking the Lord for the uplifting and transforming work you are doing.
    We are writing from Kenya convinced that distance will never keep us from serving the Lord, we are your co-servants carrying the King of kings to the world.
    Our desire and humble prayer is to connect and network with fellow servants of like faith, passion, mission and vision of reaching many with the Gospel and making disciples of all nations.We are therefore requesting for affiliation and fellowship.May the Lord Himself connect us for the glory of His Great name.
    May this day bring forth the Lord’s benefits to you, prayerfully,patiently and lovingly waiting to hear from you.

    Your co-servant of the Gospel,

    Brother Nicodemus.

  6. Howdy.

    Shameless self-promotion aside, I thought that you all might like to take a look at our upcoming film, Paradise Recovered. The trailer is posted on our website above.

    Andie Redwine

  7. Felix:

    Here is another web site that will stir up a ‘stink’ 🙂 I love people who make ‘christians’ uncomfortable!



    Whis – key Preach – er (noun) an outlaw preacher who unashamedly loves his curvaceous wife, preaches a restoration theology (we are made a good creation), cusses, smokes, and partakes in various different kinds of whiskey.

    What you should know about me…This is a loaded question and I don’t always posses the proper barometer in how much people really want to know when they ask this question about me. However, since this where I blog, create my vidcasts and podcasts, I figure that we might as well get acquainted a little with each other. If you have the desire/inkling/passion/smarts to hire me to come to teach/speak/consult/fuck with your faith community please go to philshepherd.com where you can see a list of the 15 years of my ministry experience as well as some PG-rated teaching examples. Or you can email me by clicking here for more info.

    Now back to our program…I am a proud husband, mourning son, stubborn brother, uncle to teenagers, co-pastor/church planter/communal architect of the Eucastrophe, Alaskan Grown, Texan transplant, restoration theologian, queer inclusive, outlaw preacher, friend of emergent, third cousin of Johnny Cash, writer, speaker, consultant, paranormal investigator, hater of human trafficking, foul-mouthed (when appropriate), tattoo lover, cigar smoker, and connoisseur of various whiskies…I am the Whiskey Preacher.

  8. Hi Mark,

    Just stopped in to say HI!

    Looked for you at JLF. See that you have moved on. I have been on the Spiritual Abuse Forum for the last 7 years. A lot of SA survivors there. A very healing place.

    Glad to see you are still at it.


  9. HI Reg, actually I am Felix (not Mark Tabladillo). Good to hear from you and glad to know you’re doing well.

    1. Sorry Felix,

      I realized that after I posted. Have been in touch with Mark Tab and we have been discussing a few interesting things. I have been a member of Bramalea Baptist Church since 1997 when I left Tor W.

      I also have been on the Spiritual Abuse Forum since 2003.

      When you get a little time why not stop by and say hello. I’m sure you will identify with many of the things we are discussing.

      Wish you all the best. Keep up the good work.


      1. Thanks Reg! It’s been a long time and it is pretty good to hear from you. I’ll try to check out your website mentioned.

  10. Hi Reg

    You should stop by JLF — I happened to be here today because I am compiling a new list of blogs for my own pending new blog. Yes, I am getting into the blogging, and it will be fun since I can play with blogs on my iPhone. Right now I’m trying to sort out how to classify the blogs.

    1. Hi Mark,

      I have tried to get on JLF several times. I can’t access it for some reason.

      I keep getting this message from Delphi Forums:

      In order to use Forums, your browser must accept “Cookies” from our servers. It appears that your browser is currently ignoring them. Our use of cookies is governed by our privacy policy.

      I have tried to accept their cookies. For some reason every attempt I make doesn’t work. I have concluded that because my browser is Mozilla Firefox, it is not compatible with

  11. This is Hannah Bevills, Editor for Christian.com which is a social network made specifically for Christians, by Christians, to directly fulfill Christian’s needs. We embarked on this endeavor to offer the ENTIRE christian community an outlet to join together as one (no matter denomination) and better spread the good word of Christianity. Christian.com has many great features aside from the obvious like christian TV, prayer request or even find a church/receive advice. We have emailed you because we have interest in collaborating with you and your blog to help us spread the good word. I look forward to an email regarding the matter, Thanks!

    God Bless
    |Hannah Bevills|Christian.com|

  12. Hi, Thanks for posting my site on your blog roll. I’ve been enjoying your blog for the last hour.

    I was wondering your thoughts on GCI? I love that they are promoting Baxter Kruger and exposing Greek philosophy but sorry they feel Sabbath is done away with.

  13. Just discovered your blog. Really enjoyed reading it as my husband and I are ex-WCG for many years now. We both graduated from Ambassador/Pasadena College, CA.

    Thanks for the “open arms”. We’re all on a spiritual journey.

  14. I was glad to stumble across your site today, I am an x-WCG/ PCG/UCG member that realized in 1986 there was no small theological problem with Armstrongism and started searching and praying for guidance. I guess Christ got tired of my pounding on the door so it finally opened.

    I am working on a book about Armstrongism and it’s roots as warning for the young generation about to get locked into the numerous cults that still follow HWA’s flawed theology.

    Keep up the good work.

    The True Doctrine of Christ Foundation

  15. I look forward to checking out your site! I’m a child survivor of WCG via my mother (’69 to ’79). However, I would suggest caution when it comes to the Exit and Support Network site (www.exitsupportnetwork.com). They were quite rude and vicious to me in regards to my survivor story, without knowing or understanding the circumstances. Regards, Susan

    1. I don’t agree with everything ESN says. There is a bit of a fundamentalist bent to it but I respect that they do have some good resources available. I would like to here your survivor story and feel free to ask to me to publish it here.

  16. Greetings. I represent Silenced (http://silenced.co), a new blog looking to combat the remaining extant COG groups (UCG, PCG, LCG and the new COGWA) through social media. Most of us are second and third generations ex-members of splinters from HWA’s church. We’re searching out people’s personal stories and accounts as members, whether they’ve left the fold or are still attending. We are not religiously affiliated and focus less on the veracity of Armstrong’s teachings and more on the negative affects they had on people and the culture of the church (e.g. anyone can believe whatever they like but they cannot DO whatever they like at the expense of others).

    Anyway, we love your blog, and if it’s alright, we would like to link to it on our resource page for people to find and learn more about the dangers of these groups.



  17. I have recently been asked to leave the UCG in Charlotte NC. I was talking to members about subjects apparently not on the menu. One of the things that I noticed was that every single male left in the church was a RH+ blood type often married to RH- women. Both pastors and deacons had this combination or both were RH+. I have a theory about this. It is radical but true. These unions of male RH+ Dads and RH- mothers seem to have had a barrier in the past. Due to a drug called rhogam it no longer exists. The church teaches that the word enmity means hatred. I think there more to this word than we can see easily. In studying the word I have come across the barrier many times. I think that it is important that we understand the meanings behind this issue that affects all people everywhere. It may also give Eph 2:14-22 a broader message.

  18. to whom it may concern.i just came across your website and thought maybe you can answer a question.I was watching a program called tomorrows world hosted by Roderick Meridith.I went to there website and it seems they have a connection with Herbert W.Armstrong.Is this true and are they false teachers? thanks,Robert J

  19. I have only recently found your site. And it’s full of incredible information that I am a bit bewildered. What I have been trying to find is people’s stories. I always find them a good place to start and encouraging. Firstly, where on the site is your story? Secondly, how do I find other people’s stories? I couldn’t find an email address on the site, so this seemed like the logical place to ask.


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