Festival 1982—Mike Lord and “Jerusalem”

This will definately evoke either good or bad memories about the WCG depending one’s view and experience. This a Feast of Tabernacles special clip from 1982.  Yes, the beginning of the clip is definately beyond corniness and Jesus Christ DID NOT return to earth in the 1980’s to establish the historic WCG’s Millenial Kingdom, The World Tomorrow, thank God—but I believe in a Millenial Kingdom—but it will positively, definately UNLIKE  the historic WCG’s collectivist agrarian only utopian society but that’s neither here nor there (yes, post-millenialist and amillenialists were NOT having a debate about it this time). The silver lining of this clip from the talented brotha by the name of Mike Lord who sings “Jerusalem”. He too, didn’t escape the rage and rantings of HWA. A clip from the late Garner Ted’s book on the origins of  his own first ministry The Church of God, International explains (courtesy from The Painful Truth website):

On one occasion, a young handsome black man, named Mike Lord, was giving special music in Pasadena. My father was backstage, waiting to give a sermon. When he heard the name of the singer announced, he raged to those there that his son had appointed a black man to become president of the college. They had to quiet him down, explain to him that the man’s name was not Ward but Lord.

Wherever you are  Mike Lord (hopefully away from WCG/GCI and the splinters), we salute you and your singing style!