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pixelscaredArmstrongism is a fear based cult, it has always been that. There was fear of church leaders, fear of being disloyal, fear of not making into the kingdom, fear of being disfellowshipped, etc. Armstrongism at it’s core is not a joy based faith. If it was, then there is no need to be constantly worrying about when the end is coming, who the beast is, etc. They have no relationship with the creature they claim as ‘jesus’. ‘It’ doesn’t exist! They wonder why the ‘church’ isn’t growing, why there are so many splinter sects of momma church, why so many different men claiming to be God’s only true minister, and on and on and on.

When you see the absolute hatred dripping from some of these people there is no way in h-e-ll that God would have a chance in working with them. The have such vile hatred for Tkach Sr that it is appalling. Yet, they quickly forget that Herb placed TK in that position over many other ministers (particularly LaRavia and Meredith). Now if Herb can make no mistakes and is constantly led by God then God must have deliberately made a mistake. That is what these loonies think.

Very blunt but very true assesment of the splinters of Armstrongism by WCG Alumni poster PasedenaGuy10 on UCG elder Aaron Dean’s belief that “we have only 4-5 years left!”

Thanks PasedenaGuy10!


childrenprayingPasedenaGuy10 of WCG Alumni message board always seems to find the best topics and articles to discuss about. One of the brightest and extremely compassionate posters I have come across. He found an article from the titled, Children are born believers in God, academic claims.  Read it here at It is sure to stir a lot of thought!