Hillsong: It’s All About The Money

Read Ambassador Watch’s segment and a link on the charismatic group Hillsong. I regretfully inform Gavin that their television program can be seen here in Canada on the Burlington, Ontario based CTS (Crossroads Television Service). It is chilling to discover that the dark side of American religion (especially charismatic-Pentecostal) on Aussie soil. I have always thought that Australians would have none of that and were more demanding that religion be more rational (if not cerebral). Well, I guess I have to discover time and time again, nobody’s pefect. After reading Gavin’s post and glancing the article linked to it, I went to Youtube.com and found some good videos from Hillsong detractors. Their theme is this, Hillsong: It’s All About The Money.  Here is their video log. I got some select videos right here (quite neatly done!). I hope you get a feel of what they are all about: the money.

One of my favourites from Genesis

I have been a long time fan of the music group Genesis and I have always loved Phil Collins during my teen years. Yes, growing up in the WCG there was one minister who had to a be a spoiler at a Bible study was preaching how Phil’s song, “One More Night” was an evil song amongst other ’80’s songs he did not like. Here I present a still relevant video from Genesis about those who exploit Jesus and Christianity and into a sick money-making business. Still relevant today as it was  then in the early ’90’s. Enjoy!