The Painful Truth BLOG


Thanks to Otagosh’s Gavin Rumney for giving the tip. The Painful Truth franchise has recently expanded itself into the world of blogdom. The website editor James has appointed an “blog editor” of the month by the name of  Ralph Haulk, a former long time member of the Worldwide Church of  God.  PT website editor, James briefly states, “On this blog, we are going to use a rotational system of guest editors.
The rules are as such:
Each guest editor invokes their own standards as to what is acceptable or unacceptable. Please abide by their rules.
We are all adults, but keep in mind that we will not allow certain behavior from certain individuals. We will not lash out against anyone, except those individuals that compose paeans to pharisaism.”

“The ancient Greek dramatists may have discerned a peculiar virtue in being tragic.
The Painful Truth discerns the tragedy and the consequences of our common heritage.”

It is my hope that the PT blog will be the successor to Gavin’s Ambassador Watch and have a long run (perhaps a longer run that Gavin’s blog). Let’s face it, Armstrongism will be with us in the 2010’s and possibly in the 2020’s. Many cults have lasted a long time like Mormonism or the Jehovah’s Witnesses, though the Armstrongist splinters maybe smaller than the above mentioned groups, let us not underestimate that they share the same tenacity.  To simply brush them aside because of their low numbers  would be to our peril as opposed to our benefit. North Americans in particular need to get over the “size is everything” mentality but I digress. May the leaders and prominent members of the XCGs still be watched at like a hawk! No breath easies for them! Trolls included.

PS–for those who want to download Gavin’s stuff from his old blog at AW, do so qucikly (I only got up to April 2009 with copy and pasting to Word). February 1st is coming quickly (As I write I got 8 hours Eastern Standard Time) and that blog will cease to exist!