We’ll see you around Gavin

This past Wednesday was the last post on Gavin Rumney’s Ambassador Watch blog. Effective February 1, 2010, the blog itself will cease to exist. It seems like yesterday when he shut down his original website during the end of 2005 but I was glad that a few months later in ’06, he changed his mind and continued his work on blogger.com. As Gavin said,  he will still blog on his other site Otogosh which I hope is to last for some years to come (I wish decades but that may be pushing it. After all this is cyberspace and it thrives on a nanosecond culture). Also, I consider it a privilege to be his Facebook friend which in effect we can contact each other at anytime at our choosing, while e-mails as usual are easily forgotten. This is probably the “right” time for Gavin to wrap it up. The XCG’s in general are still in circles, still are bickering and fighting at each other, still in doctrinal confusion (after shown many, many, many (did I say many?) times where their errors lie but like the “insane” wing of the Republican Party, think by only getting somewhere is just being more screaming loud about their so-called principles), unhappy and unconfused members, egotistical jerky ministers thinking that they are God’s gift to the world, traditionalist factions demanding total submission from the progressives, progressives scared of making their move to recapture true sanity and freedom for the sake of  “church unity” (which is not really unity but uniformity).  I believe there are many good people in these groups being taken advantage of.  I can hope that it will be a matter of time that these people will stand up and fight for their rights. Covering these never ending soap operas for a little over a decade from the late 1990’s to the early 2010’s (which Gavin exactly did) in NO  doubt takes it’s toll. It is safe to say Gavin has developed new interests in the field of theology. With his mission with Otagosh he states,”For one thing it will continue to take a wider view, reflecting my passionately held belief that the problem isn’t just with the dying world of Armstrongism, but with fundamentalism, evangelicalism and conservative Christianity in general. Unlike many of those who comment here however, that doesn’t mean – for me at least – a rejection of either the positive side of Christianity or the fruits of biblical scholarship, any more than spurning quack remedies means rejecting medical science.” While he told me a few months ago that I should consider myself “proud” to be a “Liberal Protestant”  when a poll I took on Facebook declared that I was, I still have problems coming to terms with that and I hope (time permitting) will write an point-counterpoint commentary on the subject. I still support the Creeds of Christendom (well maybe not so dogmatic on Chalcedon but that’s another story but I am very dogmatic on The Apostle’s, Nicene and Anathasian Creeds,  they are simply non-negotiable. The historic WCG and many other cults take a millitant stand against these creeds. So it doesn’t take an Einstein why I am so dogmatic) . On certain issues the where the church (I’m talking mainstream Christianity of course)  has taken (and I’m not spelling them out today), I would probably take a more progressive approach. Also where I feel the Bible is silent on some issues, I again take a more progressive approach. I am very wary of a broad use of “progressive revelation” (but that is for another time). Well, anyway for those who want to use their minds and “think”, I am sure Otagosh will definately come in handy. Now the responsibility of the other blogs like Ambassador Report, Aggie’s site, J Shadows of WCG, As The Bereans Did,Living Armstrongism and those who are battling the pop-fanaticism of Ron Weinland their work is cut out for them. For myself, I want to continue to be a hand for people who want to exit out of Armstrongism and find them healthier alternatives. Also for those who suffered injustice and abuse in Armstrongism, this blog will be their home to tell the story. Thanks Gavin for the wonderful work you provided. Everyone says it’s an end of an era. It’s a beginning of a new era. May it just be as worth while. See you around (in Otagosh), Gavin.