Did Jesus have sexual feelings…here’s one story

May I emphasize above…A STORY, a ficitonalized story taken from Ruth Tucker (from Another Gospel fame who was supportive of the doctrinal changes in the WCG) in her other book  called The Family Album which discusses marriage and family life in the Old Testament and through the centuries of the Christian Church.

Jesus  was not sure how much he slept that night. He could hear the sheep stirring and the sounds of the fire and the nighthawks making their curious cry. And it seemed to him he heard the voice of his father speaking to him gently and firmly about taking a wife. The love of his parents for each other was a part of his semiconscious state. He saw the star that seemed to fall on his mother’s breast, and it became a baby, for he could see his father bending over tenderly, the way he always did whenever a child was born. To love like that, to find a woman he could love like that, his own wife who would bear him children to nurse at her breast!… Restless and stirred, yet lying remotely apart Jesus dreamed…

What was it, what was? Jesus sat up in a cold sweat. Then to his relief it came to him: Temptation. He had been wrestling with temptation…He lay a few moments longer, thinking. What was temptation? Had he not been tempted many times? The girls at the grape treadings , young and lovely, sometimes unsteady from the very smell of the wine. The girls who came into the shop on pretext of some tool to be mended for their fathers—their flirting eyes and sometimes caasually touching hands. The matrons who walked the streets of Nazareth, hips swinging seductively, no matter how many little ones be clinging to their skirts…Was the yearning in his loins evil, or merely nature’s response to the vital instinct God himself had planted in males that the race might survive?

MY RESPONSE TO THE LAST SENTENCE:  It is non-arguable, non-negotiably, definate, absolutely, 100% the later part of the sentence and definately NOT the former. Yes he was God—but he was also human! Why are some American evangelical Christians afraid of Christ’s humanity???  I do sense a bit of gnosticism.  The ultracon true believers are definately going to have a rage-fest (as they always do with dissenters) over this one.