Trying something different on

I hope Douglas Becker, FYI Again and Richard Burkard who are my loyal blog readers will have no problem finding this new location for Post WCG Life and Theology on I have had the blog for over 2 and a half years on and felt it was time for a change and a time to experiment. I was thinking about this for sometime and about a year ago I was contemplating this—almost tried to make the leap but instead deleted the WordPress blogs and went back to This time my blogs The Way I See It and Post WCG Life and Theology are here for good at For how long? I don’t know but I hope to keep both these blogs running anywhere for a very long, long time. The content on this blog remains the same. It is no so much focused on the shenanigans of the WCG and the other splinters but more of the focus that there is a life after involvement in the destructive cults. Maybe not a prosperous life but a life where one can get his own sanity back. Also with the focus to make people “think” about various ideas and concepts of things religious and theological which was not really available to people in the WCG and its offshoots. For those who wonder about my Life After WCG blog on—no worries, that will still be available only for archival purposes. Now just sit back, relax and enjoy my new journey as Post WCG Life and Theology continues on!