Debating a religious founder’s sordid past

Here’s another controversial video clip. Former and current XCGers argue and argue bitterly about the sexual exploits of the founder (and sometimes his son) of the Worldwide Church of God. There are people who argue bitterly on the sexploits of a founder of a world religion that is over 1500 years old: Islam. The debate is on Italian television. Heated is an understatement.


Here is the short movie “Submission”  (2004), produced by former Muslim and former Dutch (of Somali descent)Member of Parliamnent Hirsan Ali and the late Theo Van Gough (who was murdered by an Islamic extremist). Watch and weep about a woman’s abusive treatment in the more ultra-fundamentalist version of Islam and her brutal struggle to survive in the environment that she is placed under.  The struggle against authoritarian and totalistic religions continues on everywhere!