Another great American, good journalist and yes, great Christian has left the earth. Tony Snow: 1955-2008

This past Saturday, I woke up preparing for a picnic sponsored from my workplace but before that, I turned on my computer and was surfing the internet and discovered about the death of journalist and former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow. I knew at sometime this was going to be inevitable—he even admitted it.  When his reoccurence of cancer appeared, he never flinched in his warm, loving positive glow saying at a commencement address, “God hasn’t promised us tomorrow, but he has promised us eternity.” Not too many (myself included) can continue to pull a wonderful glowing attitude like that but Tony was Tony and what a positive example that he showed us.  I too look forward meeting Tony when my earthly course on earth is finished (and as I said, may that be at least 40 to 50 years from now–I still have yet to produce my own family!) and thank him for his wonderful work and inspiration to others!

I have two clips from—one which is a video tribute to him and another one which showed his lighthearted self,playing the flute—always having a good time whenever, wherever.