New blog in town

 There is a new kid in town, sharing his post-WCG life and theology (or newfound lack thereof) and giving his own retrospect of his time in the Worldwide Church of God. The name of his new blog is called, The Practicing Heretic. Here is an excerpt from one of  his earlier posts,

Since my departure from the cult (Worldwide Church of God), and from religion entirely, I have asked myself many times, “Why did it take me 35 years to figure it out?” I suppose that the number one answer is quite simply that I was born into it and my worldview was tainted pretty much from day one. I’d like to believe that, had I been a thinking adult in 1975 (instead of a 5-year-old kid), I would have put 2 and 2 together then and run like hell.

…So, what took me so long? The date-setting was one of the issues that got the wheels turning, but that was even late in the game. Abuse of power and blatant apathy on the part of the ministry were also red flags, but even those were signals that I dismissed for the most part. The bottom line is that until I discovered issues that affected me personally, I was able to rationalize everything else.

Well anyway, I am glad that this person has found freedom and is loving it. Also recapturing true sanity is also a benefiting factor in this. Welcome aboard Ken, give the Armstrongists hell (and I mean living hell) and set those in capitivity free. Your stories and opinions are extremely valuable and trust me, DO NOT let ANYBODY  scream otherwise.