Ideas for future post, “Why the WCG will NOT rise again!”

worldwideIn 1999, I have written an article which appeared in Richard Burkard’s site called, “Why The Churches Will NOT Re-unite”.   I have did a redux edition that dealt with the introduction when I moved this blog to WordPress nearly 2 years ago this year and will plan (hopefully before the first decade of the 21st century is out—meaning before 2010) successive chapters redux as well.  For many years (since  late 2000) I have been considering a spin-off article called “Why the WCG will NOT rise again!” My seven reasons then (and I believe they are just a relevant now), are:

1)The Protestant Popery of Glendora

2) Orthodox in Theology, Cultic in Practice

3) Identity Crisis

4) A Co-Dependent and Fearfuly Clergy and Laity

5) A stoic membership that are “trained seals” and a “brain drain”

6) A lack of real repentence for the sins of the founding leadership

7) Fear of the Holy Spirit

I have parts of these in a rough draft but here is a “semi-open” thread for people to add ideas, suggestions and their own conclusions on this “hot topic.” Your ideas are appreciated and are important!