Thank God, We’re Still Here!

I do believe in the personal coming of Jesus Christ and the establishment of his kingdom on earth (yes, I’m a pre-millenialist and proud of it, not of all of us are a bunch of looney tunes) but I take very seriously what Jesus said that no man knows the day or the hour (and yes, forget about saying he didn’t say the year—he meant time in general) of His return. Some have still bullheadedly believe there was a legal loophole in His comments. 89 year old American radio evangelist, Harold Camping is one of them. May 21, this past Saturday was supposed to be “the end of the world”. In my neck of the woods, Eastern Standard Time, it is May 24th. My fellow blogger, James Pate suggested that “Camping’s a multi-millionaire, I’ve heard. Maybe he should reimburse the people who lost money thinking that the world was coming to an end.” I responded with,”Not going to happen. Remember our time in Armstrongism, this is no different…” It is my hope and prayer that those in the Harold Camping movement will re-evaluate their expression of their faith. I didn’t say faith in God, but in HOW they worship and express it because, Mr.Camping just proved that his belief system is not a healthy one to say the least. He also predicted the end in 1994. This should have hit the alarm for some but again people can be bullheaded. Again, I must remember my time in Armstrongism. I have been there and done that. May the current followers of Harold Camping say the same thing and soon. The sooner, the better to teach Harold Camping a lesson in the pocketbooks.  I will leave with an commentary from the Alabama based Daily Sentinel’s take on this. I’m surprised (pleasantly, of course) from sensible commentary from the Bible Belt of the U.S.