Videos on the Jehovah’s Witnesses: An all-too-familiar experience

Thanks to NO2HWA of the Banned by HWA blog. I haven`t seen the first clip in a long time in over 15 years. In NO2HWA’s post on his blog he does ask the question, doesn’t it seem all too familiar with the experience being in the historic Worldwide Church of God and the question is a definate “YES!”  Both sects are from the Adventist movement but from the dark side of the force. This first video below tells you the sordid history behind the cult of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and those who by none other by the literal grace of God found their way out of that tolitarian cult into the freedom IN (not from) Jesus Christ.

I found this interesting video on Youtube about a man who spent his whole life (50 years to be exact) in the cult but recently found his way out too!