Finally…the movie trailer of: Religulous!


I have been a long time fan of comedian, satirist and commentator Bill Maher who hosts HBO’s Real Time ( a show that I have to see on in Canada OR listen to it on HBO online. The only time Canada will get HBO is that Canada is going to have to join the U.S. to get it, but again that’s another topic for another time and possibly my other blog). I enjoyed him on ABC’s Politically Incorrect during it’s run from 1997-2002 and made sure I taped it on my VCR if I couldn’t see him when he was on midnight because of a work shift that I had at that  time or I had to go bed for a job that began in the morning, but it was always worth it! He was the big brother I never had in the sense that he had little patience for religious fantacism, Christian phariseeism and legalism and religious stupidity in all faiths. In some ways I wish he was there during my years in Armstrongism and punching a few black eyes (metaphorically and physically) to those who thought I was an object to be used. Also, Russ of I Survived Armstrongism does remind of Bill Maher (that’s a supremely high compliment Russ!) —well of course, they are both left of centre libertarians and both have little patience of moralizing busybodies who want to delve in everybody’s private lives.  Yes, I know  Bill is a newly converted  “apatheist” meaning he doesn’t give a rat’s behind whether there is or isn’t a God—we all need to do good for the sake of doing good. Some Christians of a more traditional old school approach believe  I should not be supporting this man or seeing his upcoming movie come October called Religulous. Well, as a person of faith, I firmly support Byker Bob’s rightly strident disappointment where some Christians take pride that one should leave their mind at the door or lose 50 IQ points and become blonde. If it takes an apatheist like Bill to expose their nonsense, I am all for it! These people are not doing nor helping mankind any good.  Plus with Bill Maher, I learn something new from him all the time (though he may piss me off on occassion). Without further blather, here is the trailer of his new documentary (coming in October)—Religulous!