May all enjoy 2011

As most of the world’s time zones have by now entered the year 2011,  I wish all a prosperous, happy, healthy and successful new year for all. For those who are caught in the United Church of God vs. Church of God: A Worldwide Association debacle, it is my hope, wish and prayer that many members who are caught in the crossfire will take this year to ask a lot questions, read a lot of stuff with an open mind without the approval and dependency on whatever minister which includes a re-reading their Bibles  and yes, be introduced to a real relationship with Jesus Christ and the freedom that He provides. When this materializes, it will be time for ego and money hungry ministers to find a real job in the real world like the rest of us. God speed that day!

Many in the XCG’s will at this time have their silly rants about how pagan New Year’s Day is but here is what Reformed scholar, Kenneth Samples found from a book where historic Christianity (2000 years mind you)shared a different view about New Year’s Day than the paganoid Armstrongite view (only 75+ years):

“For centuries Christians saw New Year’s Eve as a symbol of what awaits all human beings at the end of their life cycle and therefore a reminder that they should always be prepared to meet their Lord.” Alvin Schmidt, How Christianity Changed the World, p. 379.

This view, I like a lot better. For those of us who believers, we are one year closer to our eternal destiny and reward with God. Let it all the more inspire us to live a holy life and be a blessing to others.