This blog is about conversation, NOT preaching!

This is nothing new here but only a re-emphasis. This blog is about having a conversation—a back and forth exchange of information, ideas and some very strongly held opinions done in a civil and respectful way. What this blog is NOT about is someone spouting their own ONE WAY communication of  religious ideology on to everyone else to hear and obey or else! Of course, I am talking about those in the ultra-conservative splinters of Armstrongism who are poor listeners, who do not respect anybody or anything—they just want the “whole world” to bow down and submit to their “words of warning and wisdom”. “Hello McFly?!!!”  There were people who were fed constantly that diet and said, “Enough is enough!” People do not want to hear others who sound like an XCG church booklet.  People want to hear people who can speak, think and communicate themselves! People want to be talked to NOT talked AT (and yes, their is a difference)! If one cannot comply with these basic requests on this blog, trust me you will not go far here. There are plenty of pro-XCG sites where you can spout your stuff! I just renamed this blog Life AFTER the WCG and it is theme is just that which also includes LIFE after it’s splinters too!  One person who wrote at least over 10 long messages here did not see light of day of having the messages  published. Again, the reason is that they simply talk at a person, not to a person. This is not the place ramble a LONG-WINDED religious manifesto as this person did. Yes, I believe Armstrongism is a false religion, it’s founder was a false prophet and a con-man but the good news is that some of us believed that the next step was that we need a Savior and we RECEIVED HIM!  This place is a refuge for people who want to share that message. This is also a place where the essentials of historic Christian faith are defended and where doctrines that seriously and dangerously compromise those essentials are vigourously opposed and I am not “picking on” the historic WCG’s errors. This includes Mormonism, the Jehovah’s Witness, Oneness Pentecostalism, New Agism  so on and so on done in the spirit of the late great Walter Martin. Armstrongism and the other cults mentioned DO NOT have a forum to preach their religious ideology here.  Some will not listen of course and keep banging their ahead against the wall repeatedly, the rest of us who have found freedom and peace all is I can say is keep up the good work!