Rosh Hashanah – 2010

I have been for years made strident and yes sometimes harsh statements on CBN’s Pat Robertson (and I still believe the statements were very necessary), I have liked his son Gordon (at least he gives the appearence of saneness and kindness) but for the purposes of the blog post, that is strictly neither here nor there.  The real point of the post  is how if any Christian desires to celebrate the Biblical Holy Days  given to God to Israel in Leviticus, this is how it  should be done. With joy, thanksgiving and thanks. In addition, it is never complete without  the Messianic music of Paul Wilber to add to the  mix. As I said, I have made stern comments against Pat Robertson but I must also be bold and congratulate him condemning Pator Terry Jones proposed Quaran book burning, saying that he wants Muslims to be saved (which I find this a more Christ-like attitude this time. Keep it up Pat!). I wish all who celebrate this festival and the other festivals to come (Atonement and Tabernacles) a joyous and blessed season to all.   Click on this link to see this splendid concert of Rosh Hashanah – 2010.