Two blogs gone, one blog found

I had a wish for one of the ex-XCG blogs (Shadows of WCG) that it would be around for decades to come. It ceased to run new posts, it did continue on for archival purposes and it’s author by the name of J decided to make a new blog on WordPress called Everything COG.  My wish that Shadows of WCG would last for decades (even for archival purposes) was not meant to be. In addition, the new blog Everything COG was not meant to take off new ground. Tonight while I was surfing the internet, I discovered that both blogs are no longer around. I had the great fortune to have a discussion on the phone (I am in Toronto,Canada; J is somewhere in the United States) on a Saturday night, Sunday morning over a year ago! Talking to him, it seemed he was an upbeat and cheerful guy. I even teased him about being “clap-happy”. It also seemed like he was (and is) a guy who meant well, even if you didn’t agree with him he was still an okay guy. It is my hope that J is doing alright in whatever he does and my thoughts and warm regards are still with him.

I discovered this blog from the Adventist Spectrum blog in where a former Seventh Day Adventist discusses his likes and dislikes while being in that denomination for a decade. This man’s name is Jame C. Alexander who is a 2008 Best Books  Award Author who wrote a book called Stories of a Recovering Fundamentalist. Mr. Alexander’s blog is aptly called The Repentent Fundamentalism which rightly critiques and challenges the rigid absolutism in funamentalist and evangelical Christianity that is pervasive today. I Survived Armstrongism’s Russell Miller might like Jame C. Alexander’s stance on creationism, “It seems to me, both as an education professor and a minister that science class is about doing science. I do not want the public schools to take over the religious education of my children (well, now grandchildren, I guess). I want schools to teach science and parents and churches to teach religion. No, There should be no equal time for “creation science” in public school biology class.” As one who is “theistic evolutionist” (sometimes  deist evolutionist when I’m bitchy) , this makes sense to me. Let the creationists of evangelical and the Armstrongite kind get mad. I say too bad. I am just glad I found another person who can brilliantly articulate that fundamentalism in and of itself stifles critical thinking and oppresses the mind, ruthlessly.  I will even assert that it is truly a mental illness too! I don’t agree with everything that James Alexander says but he is an articulate voice of reason that needs to be heard. His blogsite is at