Top 7 Execuses that Armstrongite False Prophets make


From Dennis Diehl who posted this on Gavin’s Ambassador Watch blog:

When the clock runs out…

1. I never said Jesus would return then. I said he “could” return.

2. God has given us more time to finish the Work.

3. Satan has blinded your mind. We never said that.

4. We said it, but we didn’t mean it the way you took it.

5. Satan confused your mind to make you think we said that, but we didn’t. We said something else and now I’m not going to tell you what I really said. You should have listened right the first time.

6. I only meant my books would go into a second printing and return to a bookstore near you.

7. I made a mistake,but so did Moses, David, the Disciples and Paul, and they were all men after God’s own heart. So there.

 Editor’s note: Isn’t this ALL too familiar???