Some updates, some introductions and some Bill Maher clips!

 For those paying attention, I have a new link to Hirsan Ali’s short movie Submission (2004) in my December 3, 2007 post.  It seems to be a fact of life on cyberspace that links whether videos,websites or blogs are here today and gone tomorrow. If you haven’t seen Submission, here’s a golden opportunity and you can make at least some comparisons to radical Islam and Armstrongism.  I have deleted the December 28, 2008 post on my “World Premiere” of Jesus Camp. The original site that carries also does no longer exist.  I have founded a new site here that has the whole hour and a half movie online in it’s entirity. For those who want Bill Maher’s reaction to the movie, I will give you this link here. As I said, this is the next generation of the religious right. Be scared, really scared.

For some time, I read occasionally an blog called OrthoCuban from “Friar Orthoduck”. He has really good topics. One post which I really liked was his one on Ordoliberalism which is a different capitalistic model from the laissez-faire model that the U.S. has been accustomed to. He recently has a post comparing the views on original sin from the Western and Eastern Churches. Though I have considered myself a “post-evangelical” protestant Christian, I have leaned to the Eastern Orthodox view in which I written a few posts like this one, in which a person who was highly schooled in Augustinian theology was giving me some corrections about the information I was trying to present.

You know that I had to bring in a Bill Maher clip (or two). Sorry I don’t have his recent comedy routine “But I’m Not Wrong” in it’s entirety but I have a clip on my current affairs blog, where tells off the nutbar Teabaggers in the U.S. really good! For those who may be offended, lurk somewhere else. This is an old clip way long before Bill Maher’s new found “apatheist” conversion. I don’t agree with everything said but I respected his previous belief that he acknowledged the existence of God but shunned the middlemen, the bureaucracy in the way. That remains my belief today, whereas Bill during when the recently passed decade of the 2000’s progressed, evolved into an apatheist (certain evangelicals will assert he’s an atheist anyway, no difference). I have another clip where he suggests that religion get regulated. Actually, I would like to see “cults” regulated. Of course, a great place to start with the ultra conservative XCG splinters, the Jehovah’s Witnesses and even that famous UFO cult that is mentally imprisoning many famous people. Yes, I am with Bill that we should be more skeptical (well actually he said cynnical) with organized religion. The other option is to leave your brain at the door and take everything what they say is infallible. Sorry, been there and done that! This old dog isn’t playing that game anymore.