More deep stuff from the Eastern Orthodox

Archbishop Lazar Puhalo—remember that name. Gives a brilliant Eastern Orthodox take on  the relationship between God and man and warns that morality can be “heretical”. Anybody ready to reject the Western Church’s concept of God and embrace the Eastern’s concept? I am. I look forward to seeing many others follow the same.

Love Wins—Eastern Orthodoxy Style

Hit tip to James Pate for this clip. I have been attracted to many of Eastern Orthodoxy’s teachings when it comes to their version of original sin, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the view of Christus Victor atonement. I even like their views on heaven and hell, especially if you come from a background like me who has believed in soul sleep-annhilationism very strongly as I did once did but found the evidence towards the opposite.  I also could not accept  evangelical Protestantism’s version of eternal conscious punishment. The Eastern Orthodox view provided a third option. What you will see in this clip show that a more holistic view of salvation is presented as opposed to the dualistic-legal approach that Western Churches adapted. Frankly, Eastern Orthodoxy whether intentionally or incidentally  makes the best case of God as a Loving Father. I put the blame squarely on St. Augustine for developing the the theology that has been embraced by the Western Church.  I believe if the Western Church (and I’m specifically referring to Evangelical Christianity) can learn something from Eastern Orthodoxy and the Patristics, maybe they’d be a revived and better church community for it.