Intelligent Quote of The Day

Freedom of  speech is not freedom [from] criticism. Freedom of religion is not freedom to religiously and emotionally abuse your kids. Tolerance is not staying silent while people hurt other people. People need to be aware of what fundamentalism is all about. The more voices that criticize it rationally; the more people who speak out with the consequences fundamentalism has had on their lives, the more maybe hurt people like my parents will think twice before getting involved in it.

The Redheaded Skeptic talking about her life long battle with Christian fundamentalism that was very costly in every sense of the word.

Another British Documentary from Channel 4

Hey Aggie, if you are out there, I got a documentary that I believe is scary. I have the popcorn, it’s organic! 🙂  Forget about horror movies and forget about Jesus Camp. This is a horror show in the making. Let me make this perfectly clear and right out in the open. I have no problem with people of faith voting for their elected officials, nor running for public office, I hope by the end of the US presidential election, I would like to write an OP-ED piece stating that XCGers should vote and ignore the stupid policies against it. What I am against is an agenda that is simply TOP DOWN centralized planning approach to make America a Christian nation. This is the agenda of the sheltered (home-schooled) students of Patrick Henry College, a non-accredited school that seeks to be the Harvard or Princeton for evangelicals. You want Christianity to grow? Shine a light by doing some good deeds, loving your neighbour, having a “moral” love  (not a sticky sentimental, surrendist, doormat love) for your enemies (I like Rabbi Boteach’s version of this, keeps me sane), praying for the  people you know, looking out for their best interests, showing respect and honour, etc., etc. Do it at the workplace, school, where you shop, where you hang out with the guys and/or girls. Christianity is best when it is practiced and it is from the bottom up.  I think these young students should read up some history when Constatine made Christianity the state religion. Wasn’t a paradisical society. To assert otherwise is silly. Here  is Channel 4’s 2006 documentary, Gods_Next_Army.