A Brave Move for Joel Osteen

I first picked this up from Bob Thiel’s site. I don’t agree much with Bob but we both generally agree that we disagree with most of  Joel Osteen’s theology but this is a brave and bold move on his part on telling his congregation about avoiding  pork and seaford according to the laws of Leviticus in the Old Testament.  Certain Messianic Jews, Seventh Day Adventists and some adherents of the Church of God (Seventh Day) among others have no problem with the message Joel gave. The rest of many other Christian denominations  love to start a fight. Joel might lose a few members but I am confident, he’ll gain more members of the church and more people listening to him. Certain (but by no means all and let me make that perfectly clear) former members of the WCG (now the GCI) will accuse Joel of being Galatianist, Armstrongist and leading people to bondage. They even make Republicans at a townhall meeting about health care look like the suave George Clooney. For the record, dispite Joel’s “theological issues”, I am certain that he does believe in the gospel of grace (well, at the end of his program, he gives the viewer of his program to receive Jesus Christ in their lives) meaning that it is not what you can do for God but what God (in the Person of Christ) done for you on Calvary. So what Joel is probably proposing here has nothing to do with “justification” but everything to do with “sanctification”.  Of course, some will still want to fight Joel Osteen, anyway. I just say, if one feels compelled to avoid pork and unclean seafoood, do it. If one is stoutly opposed to the idea, eat what you have before. Respect each other’s point of view and don’t be an manipulative idiot in demanding submission. I know what I just said is a tough thing for religious people while Christians are notoriously known for shooting their own wounded and wanting every other  Christian to see it their own ONE way, or else! I still long for what Jesus wished prior to his crucifixion was that he would love to His people one as He and His Father our one.  Well, here is the video clip, courtesy Youtube.com.