Do You Hear Me?! I Don’t Want To!!!

This is a clip from a movie called “Split Image” back in 1982. I personally seen the movie on TV two years later at the very young age of 14. It’s about a young college student who was lured into a religious cult and his family gets a “deprogrammer” to get his life back. It is interesting that the cult deprogrammer played by actor James Woods tells the cult member  (played by Michael O’Keefe) , “Do You Hear Me?!” only to end up with the violent response of , “I don’t want to!!!” Reminds you of how extremely difficult in trying to reason with a person so  involved and indoctrinated in Armstrongism. I have the movie Split Image on VHS but want to convert it into DVD (for some reason it is not on DVD). The movie is that good dealing with the cult experience which deals with the lying, deception, indoctrination and brainwashing. I highly recommend it to watch.