A New Feature: Open Thread Saturday

meandjohnsplit07Talk about anything you want in pertaining in the area of spirituality, theology and religion! It can include current events, it can relate to the feuding COGlets or something totally different! Before you start keep in mind of thse basic rules. One is allowed to TEACH about their faith not PREACH! This includes “spiritual” death threats on anybody who does not agree or comply with their point of view. Keep it civil and polite. We can be passionate in our view but we DO NOT involve ourselves in personal negative attacks against each other. Last but not least, no spam! Need I explain more? Deliberate contraventions of these rules will be automatically deleted without warning! Also what makes things helpful is that one learns to spell properly (I am forgiving about typo errors, I can correct them if necessary), capitalize letters when necessary (if you do that all the time, it just seems you are just yelling not talking) and use lower cases when necessary (if you do this all the time, it gives the impression that you are being lazy). Otherwise, yak it up!