The God Discussion Podcast with Dakota dealing with spiritual abuse

hurt2Just a warning, this podcast is almost 2 hours long, so get ready! The God Discussion blog is now on intenet radio and Dakota O’Leary is interviewed discussing her years in the historic WCG with her family, the religious right, the dangerous of Christian fundamentalism, religious and physical abuse in families, far-right paranoia about President Obama and health care reform, first-hand hypocrisy of the Christian Right and evangelicals  among many topics. Both the moderator and many of you know that Dakota, of course, are former members of the Worldwide Church of God and it is very interesting to things hear from a female perspective.  In the blogdom of former XCGers, we hear from male perspective (Aggie being the exception) and it is was refreshing to hear to something different, although you may not agree with everything said. Neverthless, a good show. I am hopeful that in future episodes that it will be reduced too ONE hour instead of two and a little more professional development with the sound and editing quality will be in order. I am confident that in the months and even years to come, this will be accomplished along with a big loyal audience to support it. Listen to the show here.