Guaranteed to rile New Covenant adherents

This is clip is compiled from an atheist by the pseudonym of ProfMTH who responds to a Christian poster on Youtube by the pseudonym of KristofL who vigourously debates the role of the Law and the Christian. Before anyone loses their cool and gets in a fit of rage (which is all too common in topics like these), go to and search here for The Biblical Law in Christianity and you will discover many positions including The New Covenant position. I have no problem with different the views but as in the case of Armstrongism, is that it believed that the sacrifice of Christ was for PAST SINS ONLY but it was was the LAW that was going to justify you before God from then on there.  Galatians 2:16 is in direct contradiction against the Armstrongist position and of course, I stand behind the biblical fact that one is justified by ones faith in Christ NOT by observing the law. The law can be a sanctifier, NOT the justifier. Also check out RC Sproul’s article in which I support.   Noah and Moses found grace in the eyes of God(Genesis 6:5-20 and Exodus 33:12). It was always about grace from the beginning, the Advent of Christ manifested it in it’s total reality.

Wise words from Janey

First I want to welcome my fellow poster from Jesus Love Fellowship, Janey to my new blogsite here. She responded to The Intelligent Quote of The Day by FYI Again on my previous blogsite (yeah, that one! Check it out anyway at here).  I wanted to bring her response right over here at Here’s her two cents on the issue.

 Three of my favorite intelligent men…all in one place.

I personally do not care whether any of you keep any day at all (and based on how you pick and choose the rules for yourselves, you might think me a sinner for such a position).

The suggestion that “The Sabbath is the one great indigetible lump — the thing that most people simply cannot or will not accept” was an Armstrong tease, FYI. It is the bait on the hook of legalism.

The great indigestible lump is Jesus…”Take, eat, “

You say, “The main proponents of ‘the 10 Commandments are done away’ concept are either former Sabbatarians or individuals and/or denominations who for one reason or another are strongly opposed to the idea of a 7th day Sabbath.”

That would be everybody but sabbatarians, FYI.

And if I do say so myself (as a student of the Armstrong faith) that your rendering is not unlike script right out of the Armstrong play book.


I’d ask for your research and numbers (I hear you’ve done your own).

The fact is that there aren’t two groups of “proponents,” but one…those who believe they are saved by grace through faith, not by works of the Law.

..and #1 (former sabbatarians) have learned from their own experiences subjecting themselves to the ministry of death what your group #2 knew all along.

And what is that something?

The teachings of the apostle Paul, who called the 10 commandments (written on the stones by the finger of God) the ministry of death. It is the ministry of condemnation, which is obsolete.

By all means, if works of the Law save you, then you must keep them all — not just the one, or ten.

It does beg the observation that taking the bait (required keeping of the fourth commandment) establishes all ten as the “way” — and it’s only a matter of time before we see the picking and choosing from the 613.

Taste not, handle not…

If Paul is not your authority in these matters, then by all means, consume one another.

The ministry of death (the 10) is not the way, FYI. Remember the man who told Jesus he’d kept the commandments his whole life? He asked what ELSE he must do?

Narrow is the gate.

Jesus is the gate.