Intelligent quote of the day

n1569541058_2864Human life is short, special and to be enjoyed. Dance like an idiot. Love your wife and kids. Tell dumb jokes and mess up the punch line. Start a business, succeed or fail, you will learn! Its all good in the end. Discover new science, lift up your corner of the universe and see how it works! God’s given us all so many mysteries to explore and things and materials from which we can create. And for the love of God, learn to leave the Apocalyptic mindset. Its a mind virus, a life waster. We all die as humans, but our Spirit goes back to the one who created it.

—Bold, brave, challenging, go-smell-the-roses, common sense  advice from former Ekklessia website founder and  member William (Bill) Ferguson in his closing comments this past May as he moves on to other endeavours.