An inspiring message from Dr.Pryor about the Book of Hebrews

No comment about the current state of the United Church of God, Felix??? Don’t worry, I’ll try to work on something with more detail but I think J of Shadows of WCG has some good stuff and has done a great job. The blog Ambassador Reports has also pulled it’s weight too and there a whole host of others that are not giving the protectors of Armstrongism an even brake and I salute them all to keep up the good work.I don’t want to dwell too much on it but this means I do not care the people in them. I do. This is the “light side of the force” in me that I can be humanitarian. My heart is very concerned and it is my hope and prayer that in 2011,  the people in the UCG whether they are lay or clergy will finally have their patience run out and have the testicular fortitude to come out of this spiritual Babylon.  As I have mentioned before, alternatives do exist and they should be examined.

This leads me where I really want to speak about. On this blog I have spoken a little bit about a scholar who specializes in the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith by the name of Dwight Pryor who leads the Centre of Judaic Christian Studies. I have advertised his Feast of Tabernacles celebrations on this blog a few times and have linked to some insightful articles from his ministry. Doug Ward of Grace and Knowledge fame had these kind things to say about Dr.Pryor: “I highly recommend the Center for Judaic-Christian Studies, the teaching ministry of Dwight A. Pryor. I think of Dwight’s congregation, the Church of the Messiah in Dayton, Ohio, as a model for what WCG could have become (Editor’s note, sadly that ship has sailed both for the WCG/GCI and the UCG). Dwight teaches about Jesus and Paul in their first-century Jewish context. He upholds the teachings of historic Christianity and at same time brings out the value of Hebraic traditions like the Sabbath and biblical festivals. He’s a balanced, inspiring Christian teacher.”

Yes, I want to link you up to his site again and be inspired. He has an audio presentation discussing The Book of Hebrews. I hope all will enjoy it and be furtherly enriched by it.

This seems like this is going to be an annual tradition


Most members of the XCGs will be celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles from October 14th through the 21st. I have mentioned about a man Dr. Dwight Pryor who is President of the Centre for Judaic Christian Studies (which specializes in studies relating to the essentiality of the Hebraic roots of Christianity) and is spiritual leader of Ohio based Church of The Messiah. He will have a two-day Feast of Tabernacles service scheduled on  the weekend of October 24th to the 25th. Anyone interested, I have again taken the liberty of scanning and posting the information about this event for your pleasure. Thanks to Doug Ward of Grace and Knowledge magazine for once more mailing me this information. It does not look like again I will be personally attending this event (other concerns and committments) unfortunately, but perhaps I will for the first time under an “Obama” administration in 2009 (fingers crossed).  If anyone has a definate plan to attend Dr.Pryor’s version of the Feast of Tabernacles 2008, I wish all visitors a safe, happy and definately a Christ-centred trip. If you have any pictures to send, let me know. I may publish some!































A darn good article


As I have said before the Christmas season is coming and many of the Church of God splinter groups will come in to full gear attacking every aspect of the holiday. There is an article from Dr. Dwight Pryor of Centre for Judaic-Christian Studies in Ohio which is (I feel) strikes  a balance from the strident millitant anti-Christmas spirit that Armstrongists seek to vigourously impose on the rest of the world and the consumerist (and even pagan) aspects that are promoted by society which are pressured on most of us. His article on his website is called Christmas: “Hallelujah” Praise or “Humbug” Paganism . A word of caution, make sure you save and copy this article in your files (like I did) because this article is released on Dr.Pryor’s site for a “limited” time, meaning after the Christmas season, he will take it off his website until next Christmas season in 2008.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2009: It seems he hasn’t taken down the site yet. Make sure you download and copy anyway!

More on the non xcg feast in Dayton


Don’t adjust you browsers. I am just learning of how to adjust pictures on and I am learning slowly but surely.  This is for ALL who are interested in going to the Dayton Feast of Tabernacles sponsored by the Church of the Messiah (Center of Judaic Christian Studies). This has the general information, schedule and registration. Good luck to all those interested!

Celebrate the Feast without the Armstrongism!

To certain ex-Worldwiders and other ex-XCGers they believe that this is impossible! Not only they would believe that this is sinful Judaizing but “so-called” Christians celebrating the Levitical festivals is Armstrongism hand in hand. Well, thanks to none other than Doug Ward, editor of the magazine Grace and Knowledge which invests it’s time discussing the Hebraic roots of Christianity mailed me his latest copy of the magazine with an invitation to go the Feast of Tabernacles. What was the XCG??? Believe it or not, none!  Yes Messianic Jews do celebrate festivals but not all of them have a  convention like this.  This event is sponsored by the Church of the Messiah which is a group that specializes in the Hebraic roots of Christianity. They are based in Dayton, Ohio and in turn, they are also associated with Dr. Dwight Pryor’s Center for Judaic Christian Studies, website at .  These groups have no connection with the WCG, it’s splinters or the religious ideology of Armstrongism. Dwight Pryor firmly believes in the essentials of Christian faith (God exists as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the humanity and deity of Jesus Christ, salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ).  I firmly agree with Doug Ward, that the WCG now orthodox (thank God!) could have took this more non-polarizing route for change. In other words, it was bitter and fruitless for Joe Jr. and Mike Feazell  (and friends) to millitantly carry out “anti-Holy Day” campaigns. To the traditional feast-keeper, this maybe of a disappointment because you would celebrate your feast from September 27th to October 4th, this convention is during the weekend of October 12th and 13th. For all interested in attending (count me out this year but I hope 2008 will do it for me), I have scanned copies for general information, the schedule and registration. Give me a shout on the comments section! To all those who can make it, I hope you will have a truly God-centered good time and Chag Sameach!