Feast of Tabernacles and the Gospel Go Together: Derek Leman

I wish all who are celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles which begins tonight may you have a blessed and joyous experience. I will leave you with an excerpt of  a series of videos called Feast from Derek Leman, an Atlanta-based Messianic Jewish Congregational Leader who  authored books like Proverbial Wisdom & Common Sense: A Messianic Jewish Approach To Today’s Issues From The Proverbs (which I have a copy) and one of his later books The World To Come: A Portal To Heaven On Earth.  For those who take perverse delight in arguing that the Holy Days in Leviticus 23 and the Gospel of the New Testament are mutually exclusive, Derek Leman asks you to reconsider your arguments.

A Feast of Tabernacles in Disneyland???

Sukkot_RGB_darkBGThanks as always PasedenaGuy10! As my friend PG10 says,

Forget all those fake COG ‘Feasts’, come to Disneyland and experience a true Sukkot. Forget those silly sukkot’s built on the plaza in front of the Ambassador Auditorium. This is the real stuff! There will be no ranting and spitting by Six-Pack Flurry, WeinerDude Weinland, or Spanky MerryDeath. This is guaranteed to give you a foretaste of how pleasurable the kingdom will be! Mickey will be there to make your days delightful. And it’s kosher too!

Sukkot at Disneyland

I say, “SIGN ME UP!!!”

Feast fever anyone? Take a look at some REAL feast fever!

It has been a while since I posted but like the rest of us we have jobs and other important errands to attend to first. Plus, many are enjoying the summer vacation outside but some in the Church of God tradition are probably beginning to prepare of the Holy Day season, especially The Feast of Tabernacles which arrives this October.  I stumbled this video on Youtube sponsored by a Christian pro-Israel group called The International Christian Embassy  of Jerusalem and they have both an American based and Canadian based sites at http://www.icej.org/ and http://www.icejcanada.org/ respectively. Though the video you are about to watch is from their 2008 Feast of Tabernacles and if you want enthusiasm and passion, you’ll get it. It’s nothing like you seen at a historic WCG or it’s respective splinters Feast of Tabernacles!