Reverend Al Mohler, This is NOT the way to do business

 Southern Baptist Conference President Albert Mohler has always been controversial. I don’t mind when one is controversial for the sake of truth but I do mind very much when one is controversial for the sake of controversy. Some people think Revrend Mohler is the former, not the latter but I disagree. Arbitrarily deciding that young earth creationism should be a test of faith and questioning those of faith who believe in either Theistic Evolution or Progressive Creationism, I take issue. It is well-known that I do strongly question whether Young Earth Creationism is true science but it is simply not an essential of the historic Christian faith, in other words a non-salvation issue. Period.  Back in the 300’s AD both Jewish and Christian theologians in different areas of the world, mind you, came to the same conclusion that in the first few chapters the book of Genesis was to be taken metaphorically, not literally as Reverend Mohler would like to assert. Frankly, Reverend Mohler is playing theocratic politics and there are some to make certain that his agenda does not go far. Thankfully, blogger and studied theologian Peter Enns has something to say in reaction to Mohler’s problematic assertions in his self-titled blog.

By the way, here’s the entire clip from Michael Coren’s old show on CTS back circa 2007 where the amazing and brilliant McGill University Professor Jason R. Wiles (who grew up Christian fundamentalist but had a journey) who takes on the sincere (but sincerely wrong) Laurence Tisdall, a true dyed-in-the-wool young earth creationist. Enjoy!