In Memoriam

Art Gilmore


“THE WORLD TOMORROW!!!” Many of us who were longtime members and/or who have grown-up in the historic Worldwide Church of God, will remember that ominous voice either in the radio programs or television show.  Never a  baptized member of the historic WCG and its successor GCI (Grace Communion International), Art Gillmore began to associate himself with the sect during 1939-40 in doing the introduction and ending of the The World Tomorrow program first done by Herbert W.Armstrong on radio  (and then later with his son Garner Ted). After the death of Herbert Armstrong in 1986, Art Gilmore continued to do announcing for the program on television when  David Hulme, David Albert, Richard Ames (and Ronald Kelly in ’89) took over the broadcasts up until the early ’90’s. He did voice over  work (and did a little bit of acting) other than WCG broadcasts we all knew him for. His credits include: “The George Gobel Show,” and he began a 16-season stint as the announcer on “The Red Skelton Show.” He was also the narrator on the TV series “Mackenzie’s Raiders,” “Men of Annapolis” and “Highway Patrol,” . For those who didn’t know this fact, he did the voice of U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Yankee Doodle Dandy (starring the late great Jim Cagney—great movie for the whole family). Art Gilmore’s earthly course  for 98 years was finished last Saturday on September 25th. We here at Life After The WCG send Art Gilmore’s family our sincere condolences.