Anybody up for a writing challenge???

essay_writingAggie? Richard? FYI Again? Anybody interested in writing some essays? Here is one group that is looking for people to write some essays on these various specific topics:

Hi, we are looking for a volunteer to write only 5 essays on the WWCOG.
The essay are:

History of the WWCOG
Examination of the Criticisms against WWCOG
Overview of Educational Institutions and how they have benefited society
Biography of leader
Why is the WWCOG unique?

The best thing about BGP is that you write the essay and you answer the questions regarding it.
Please contact for details.

Who is this group? Well the person who posted the challenge on WCG alumni explains:

I’m Richard Lewis from Bible Group Pickings., established by social group: fruit ministries. Our organization is non-profit one to help all Christian people publish essays on their faith and even, a place where people can put up literature such as poems and short stories. Primarily, the project began because of my own lack of understanding about all different Christian faiths and I want to be sure of making the right decision before I commit to any faith. We are very lenient with our ratings. We do not ask for donations we do not even have a donation page. The great thing about BGP is the adherent of the faith writes the reviews of the faith they belong to. We only mark the essay, not the faith with a 5 star rating system. We call no faith a cult, I myself am not a Christian yet because I haven’t decided on a denomination yet. I hope to have decided after this project has finished.image

We’ve had two volunteers so far, one a Catholic and another a Messianic Israelite. We have also had a born again Christian who has contributed to our minor essays collections. They have all enjoyed their experiences so far.

On top of that, you get prizes, nametags (therefore more traffic), you can advertise a related website for freeimage, upload drawings to help demonstrate your point and even go so far as to add music. One aspect of BGP is that insiders may write a inside view of their faith – so, what it is like to be part of the WWCOG and why you are part of the WWCOG.

Bible Group Pickings is a high quality, respectable, research and review organisation which also specializes in publishing essays and poems from Christians all over the world. It’s primary purpose, as stated by the Lewis brothers, was to help spread the word of faith(s) around the world, and make it easy to access information about them.


If gives you a chance to show off your faith and to fulfil the mission to spread the Gospel . We also give tips how to use BGP to the fullest advantage and to earn money from your essays by using BGP…

The site is

Good luck for those interested and who have the time to enter such a project.