Now here’s a real positive Aussie Christian preacher!

newsfofordxesmond3.jpg Now here’s an Aussie who in my opinion is truly doing the work of God. He has not used emotionalism nor conned people with money. This man’s name is Desmond “Des” Ford who was a Seventh Day Adventist scholar who preached against a cultic doctrine of Adventists called “The Investigative Judgement” and preached for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have posted one of his articles on my former blogsite about what the one true church really is. The reason I am mentioning Dr. Ford is that I have discovered that on that his bio has been impressionably updated (actually I believe I was the first one to start it but I am impressed by those later on who have added substantial details along) and I am glad that in the new year a book about his life will be released, it is well deserved. Yes, I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ford when he came for his visits in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s when I first started to attend Good News Fellowship here in Toronto. A very cordial man with a lot of class but at the same time quite a character.  A great example of one who believes in the gospel of grace and who celebrates the seventh day Sabbath without the legalism associated with Traditional Adventism and Armstrongism.  Here’s the wikipedia bio at and about Progressive Adventism at