A new book that I’m eagerly (and I mean very eagerly waiting) for!

bsy-roy-blizzardbsy-the-bible-sex-and-youThere is a song that was released back in the 1990’s called What’s Up (I believe the song was released in the wrong decade. It should have been released back in the 1960’s but that’s neither here nor there) . In the lyrics, the singer says she prays ” for a revolution” . I will say that I also pray for a revolution for many things wrongheaded in the world.  I hope this upcoming book from Dr. Roy Blizzard called the Bible, Sex and You will cause a revolution in thinking regards to human sexuality in the Christian Church.   Christianity (Western Christianity which is more specifically Catholic and Protestant) has taken it’s marching orders   from St.Augustine for so too long(not only about sex but other important theological issues that affects us today as well). Also if those in the XCGs who have indoctrinated over the Missing Dimension In Sex booklet for all these years, probably this new booklet from Dr. Blizzard will give you something new, refreshing and liberating! Brian Knowles from the Association for Christian Development organization  (an Armstrongist Refusnik group—which is a very good thing) had this to say in reviewing the book:

 One of the reasons for this sorry state of affairs is that the Church generally has lost the connection with its Hebrew roots. This is as true for its teachings on sex as for any other theological topic. Dr. Roy Blizzard asserts, “Unfortunately, I am sorry to say, almost everything taught in Christianity regarding sex, human sexuality, until this very day, has been wrong and has led to sexual frustration and bondage,” (The Bible Sex and You, p. 25).

            Blizzard further asserts, “It is through the Christian theology of the first 1400-1500 years of Christianity and from books written by pseudo-scientists that people not only had some of the distorted and dangerous views about sex that they did but, as a result, continue to remain in ignorance and bondage until this very day,” ibid, p. 29.

            These are working premises of the new book by Dr. Blizzard. It’s an easy read – only 94 pages including End Notes, Bibliography and Glossary. Despite its brevity, it covers the whole span of human sexuality from an Hebraic perspective.

            He addresses marriage, orgasm, Judaic thought on human sexuality, contraception and birth control, abortion, marriage laws and customs, homosexuality, transsexualism, masturbation and pre-marital sex. Dr. Blizzard discusses ancient Greek and Roman attitudes to sexuality and how they affected Christian thinking following the disappearance of the original Jewish apostles. “…many of the practices of Cynicism and Stoicism – and especially that of asceticism and later on celibacy – were adopted by the early Christians. As a result, asceticism and self-denial, seclusion and austerity, celibacy and monasticism are characteristic of Catholicism to this very day,” (ibid. p. 16).

Mr.Knowles continues:

Dr. Blizzard discusses the origins and falsity of the doctrine of original sin. He also takes to task standard Christian understandings of “lust,” the idea that there is something tainted about sex in marriage, the normalcy of sexual fantasies, lesbianism, and reasons for divorce.

            The book will probably prove somewhat offensive to some highly conservative, deeply conditioned, Christians, and not liberal enough to some on the other side of the theological fence. The book is worth a read, if for no other reason that it lays aside many of the common sexual myths believed by Christians. For the more open-minded, it can have a freeing effect from the bondages of traditional Catholic and Evangelical beliefs about how Christians may express their sexuality.

It’s about time! For those interested, you can see Dr. Blizzard’s website right here.

Best wishes for Scott Nemeth

The never-ending, hard-hitting, Great Recession in the United States (which President Obama seems not capable to solve—but that’s neither here nor there) has taken a toll on fellow bloggist Scott Nemeth, author of Not Another Generation one of the most controversial links I have ever posted on my blog site. Not Another Generation which took on the “sexual purity” movement in American Evangelical Christianity has closed it’s doors for now.  My thoughts and prayers go with Scott for him to find some meaningful employment and soon. Some people (of an utlra-conservative far right evangelical and fundamentalist bent)  violently accused him promoting sexual libertinism. He was trying his best, in his own way —as he sincerely understood it—to form a “third way” as an alternative to sexual  libertinism and sexual repression. Of course, I debated which should be included in this “third way”. He believed that the homosexual orientation and practice (in a permanent relationship) should be included in the third way. I only believed the orientation should be included (Bruxy Cavey and Tony Campolo agree here). He took to task vigourously those hard-line fundagelicals who preached about abstaining from sexual intercourse to people ranging from their teens to thirties but hypocritically mocking and making fun (instead of supporting) of those who were real life 40 year old virgins. Go get ’em Scott!  Scott had no use for Church Father Augustine who influenced not only the Roman Catholic view on sexuality but the Protestant view too  (yes, the Jews were really the sex-positive monotheists). Scott was bold in his belief that believers are sexual beings and for one to angrily and bullyingly assert that one better be “asexual” until their married was simply mental nonsense to say the least. I know for sure this is not last time we will hear from Scott.  Probably it is one door (metaphorically speaking, of course) has closed and another will open for Scott.  I don’t believe his work is completely done in the world of blogdom. One chapter is closed. The next chapter is to be written on his own terms. People like myself will wait. Take care and God bless Scott.

The Pope Must Resign

It is been no secret that I loved Pope John Paul II (didn’t agree with everything he said but I thought he was a good man with a good heart anyway) and have always had trouble in accepting his successor Benedict XVI when he ascended to the papacy in 5 years ago this month. I have known the Pope when he was Cardinal Ratzinger and yes, that is from sometime back. What he did to this ABC News reporter back in the mid-90’s (and the issue still then was child sex abuse in the Catholic Church) solidified my displeasure with this man. It is 2010, the issue of child sex abuse still remains and also the church remains stubborn on the issue of celibacy for the priesthood. Frankly, it is time that the Catholic establishment stops it’s love affair of  medieval times and embrace the 21st century with open arms. I know that this is a fantasy. It will probably take until the 24th century (none of us will be around in the flesh to see that) for the Catholic Church to finally come around. I cannot accept and respectfully disagree with the notion that some cover-ups are justified. King David committed crimes and sins against God and Israel and had no problem with transparency. It seems that Pope Benedict has taken the opposite direction. One of my favourite scriptures is Proverbs 17:5 which states, “Acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent–the LORD detests them both.”  It seems the Pope to his detriment has chosen this path and if he cannot (or will not) properly resolve these pressing issues in the Catholic Church, he must resign. I leave with last week’s Real Time With Bill Maher clip, where Bill briefly interviews Christopher Hitchens who has for years  had extensive knowledge and information about the corrupt activities that face the Catholic Church today. This is NOT about an apatheist and an atheist gloating of what’s happening despite Bill’s jest.


Dennis Diehl and takes on the sexually repressive historic WCG

thumbnail_mem_pics(Editor’s note: Call him what you will. Contrarian. A man who loves to stir the pot. Rabble rouser and proud of it. Of all the comments suggested, you must appreciate the fact that former WCG minister Dennis Diehl makes you think. Yes, he does take you out of your own comfort zone and when he does it you are a better and sharper thinker for it. Co-equally and co-essentially, he is a man of compassion. During the Christmas season, on Gavin’s blog,  one poster gave his candid feelings about his prolonged singleness for many years due to the restrictive policies and practices of the historic WCG which effected him psychologically and naturally frustrated this person sexually. Dennis response is compassionate.  Dennis does not make jokes like, “It is my understanding from studies that a wife will cost you about the same as a nice new fuel efficient car.Are you sure that you wouldn’t want the car instead?At least, when it’s working right, a car will take you where you want to go.”  Which was actually told (as I said not by Dennis) but being a polite Canadian I followed along with some responses (while I was exploding mad inside). Frankly, the joke is extremely insensitive, especially from someone who has been married for a long time and has purely no concept of understanding the frustrations of being single.  Dennis does not make another cruel condescending comment like, “Sex and marriage isn’t cracked up what it supposed to be!” Or other silly statements like, “Pray more! Serve the brethren more!” Just read what the poster says and what Dennis reponds. You might not agree with everything he says but is at least reflective, respectful and sympathetic.) 



 Anonymous said…  

Dennis Diehl,You have opened up some WCG wounds of mine on this Solstice Holiday.Having grown up weird in the WCG and left when I was 20, I never found “the wife of my youth”. Part of it was the WCG cult teaching that we were not to marry outside our cult. I didn’t attend AC (thankfully) so the opportunity to find a mate within the cult was nil. I felt inferior (“weak of the world”, a “base thing”) and took me another 20 years to overcome after I left the cult.Therefore, I had no real sex life throughout what should have been the most productive period of my life. To this day, I never married and I remain unmarried. I never had a regular healthy sex life and I do attribute it mostly to the WCG and my upbringing.Why did Terry Ratzmann go on his shooting rampage in Milwaukee? What were the 9/11 terrorists promised as their ultimate reward? Both answers: Sex.My understand of what I have read about Ratzmann was that he was frustrated by not having a wife (with sex implied). I believe Ratzmann was age 44, and well past his sexual prime.Not everything written in the Bible is bad. A Proverb that has always stayed with me all these years is the Proverb “Hope deferred makes the heart sad”. For me, and perhaps many others, the long postponement of one of life’s most intimate enjoyable physical pleasures can make the heart sad.

Thanks Dennis for understanding. I respect the fact that you are the ONLY WCG ex-minister with the integrity to post here under your own name, and your posts have been very helpful to me.

Name witheld by Editor

Dennis Diehl responds

Hi ——–

Thank you for your kind comments and I am very sorry for the pain that has come in hindsite with your church associations.

First of all..you thought you were doing the right thing at the time. So don’t be the monkey on your own back anylonger in this issue.

People don’t even talk about such things in most churches, much less address or solve them. My mind turns off these days when advice contains the words “should” or “must.”

There are more ways to develope relationships that just those expounded by the rather Talibanish OT and NT.

Terry R was no doubt torn between his need for touch and intimacy and “the rules.” He struck out, wrongly so, against the symbols of his pain.

Humans were never meant to be celebate and I find that Paul probably was, not because he was such a stud with character for his cosmic Christ, but that he was unlucky in love and hung up on the rules, fear, guilt and shame. I believe Gerald Waterhouse was married for four months once. I see similarities in mentality in he and Paul. I bet there were similar “problems” that went with it.

I’ll stick my neck out here and say,I am not the same person I was just a few years back. I believe in “intimate friends” and those I know who also do are the most balanced, happy, openly communicative with partners and mates that I know. They are not hung up on should and must. None of them allow a church to define their life experiences or lack of them. They all were once in churches and none are now. They are happier by far.

I guess I can only say so much on an open blog concerning these things. Give me a call and we can chat. Contrary to Tom’s ideas, today means little to me except that I know the sun is coming back and we aren’t going to be plunged into eternal darkness (hey think about that analogy!)

We all put portions of our brains and lives on hold for religious ideals. It’s done all over the planet. How will the dead suicide bomber feel when he finds all the virgins have left town or there are none left for him?

While it might take not doing so for a time, learning to think for oneself and then act on it regardless of the opinions of others is a freedom most never experience in life.



Oh yes, another forum dealing with Sex and the Cult

OK, OK—the picture from the cast of The Sex and City movie was there to get your attention—so if anyone thought I was promoting the new flick, sorry I’m not! By the way, me and Joe  will definately skip this movie when we hit the theatres Saturday night! By the way, my three to see movies right now would be Speed Racer, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and definately Ironman! Great guy movies!


Now here’s what I want to really discuss: more message boards for  former W/XCG members! I say more choice, the better! This time this forum is of unique speciality. It will discuss how the sex-negative religious ideology of Armstrongism affected one’s life personally. Thanks again to I Survived Armstrongism’s AS—I told him it was about time. Former W/XCG members who were and are married seem(or seemed) insensitive or oblivious to those who grew up in Armstrongism or who were came in as single adults. Trust me, it was no picnic. I never seen such neurotic and fanatical people who wasted time, effort and energy  to make the underlings—or the bottom of the heap in the Armstrong cults—to be sexless—or to be blunt, violently deny their own sexuality which I believe is an evil in itself. In my mid-20’s, I had faced a deacon who enjoyed telling me, “Sex ain’t cracked up what it supposed to be!” Another manipulative tactic for celibacy counselling. Times like that I wish God Almighty IS Joe Pesci and He has steel baseball bat in the sky to get things done efficiently. Frankly, it is my wish sometime before year-end to have a blog post about the historic WCG and sex myself. It’s a topic that needs senstitivity in all areas but needs to be discussed. Right now, you have from AS a forum called herbversion.com at http://www.herbversion.com/. Please carefully read the rules and AS has some strict strong suggestions (actually he enforces) such as entering the forum under a pseudonym—one which you never used on other forums. It’s a good idea,  you might be spared from potential embrassment or conflict that you don’t need. Otherwise, log in, participate, shed a few tears, I’m sure you can make a few laughs, make a difference and of course, enjoy the show!