A Feast of Tabernacles in Disneyland???

Sukkot_RGB_darkBGThanks as always PasedenaGuy10! As my friend PG10 says,

Forget all those fake COG ‘Feasts’, come to Disneyland and experience a true Sukkot. Forget those silly sukkot’s built on the plaza in front of the Ambassador Auditorium. This is the real stuff! There will be no ranting and spitting by Six-Pack Flurry, WeinerDude Weinland, or Spanky MerryDeath. This is guaranteed to give you a foretaste of how pleasurable the kingdom will be! Mickey will be there to make your days delightful. And it’s kosher too!

Sukkot at Disneyland

I say, “SIGN ME UP!!!”


4 thoughts on “A Feast of Tabernacles in Disneyland???

  1. This takes the cake for being the most disturbing thing I have ever read on the ex-CoG Internet.

    How better to convince the kiddies to grow up to be willing tithe slaves?! Tell them ‘the wonderful world tomorrow’ will be just like Disneyland.

    There is not enough 😦 in the world……

  2. I prefer a Sukkot at Disneyland anyday over the twentysomething feasts I celebrated in the WCG. By the way, when I was in the WCG I never thought that The World Tommorrow would be like Disneyland (or Disneyworld) but something very boring and not fun. I really never looked forward to the historic WCG’s World Tomorrow but suffered in silence.

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