Feast fever anyone? Take a look at some REAL feast fever!

It has been a while since I posted but like the rest of us we have jobs and other important errands to attend to first. Plus, many are enjoying the summer vacation outside but some in the Church of God tradition are probably beginning to prepare of the Holy Day season, especially The Feast of Tabernacles which arrives this October.  I stumbled this video on Youtube sponsored by a Christian pro-Israel group called The International Christian Embassy  of Jerusalem and they have both an American based and Canadian based sites at http://www.icej.org/ and http://www.icejcanada.org/ respectively. Though the video you are about to watch is from their 2008 Feast of Tabernacles and if you want enthusiasm and passion, you’ll get it. It’s nothing like you seen at a historic WCG or it’s respective splinters Feast of Tabernacles!



7 thoughts on “Feast fever anyone? Take a look at some REAL feast fever!

  1. Yeah that’s some happy-clappy right there; and look at the people! 😯 Any idea how they were received by the Jews in Jerusalem? I’m surprised they were allowed to assemble, especially in such numbers, especially considering they’re a Christian group. I guess their money is just as green as any other tourists’, though.

    Some questions:

    Are they unitarians?

    Anglo-Israelite? (The giveaway was the Ten Tribes flags in the background as they were interview shee— errrr victi–I mean attenders. Yeah that’s it. Attenders.

  2. I hope your not against anybody having a good time Aggie! 🙂 It is probably safe to say that these are simply evangelical Christians who have a love for the Jewish people and the Jewish state (Israel) having a real good time, especially in their worship. I prefer that than the rigid, stoic, micro-managed worship that we had at Worldwide any day. As I said, these are evangelical Christians so you can forget about unitariansm and, yes the Bible talks about the ten tribes of Israel but not everybody believes they went to Europe (there are some believe that they are in Africa but that’s another story for another time).

  3. I wonder how many of these groups can meet in Israel. I have Messianic Jewish CDs from concerts in Jerusalem. This, in a country that bans Messianic Jews from proselytizing (or so I’ve read)!

  4. Looks interesting. I went to the Episcopal Convention in Anaheim last month and they had an Emergent Church service where Brain McLaren spoke. There were dancers, all kinds of music, story tellers, painters, etc. Not much in the happy clappy routine (we are Episcopalians remember!) but an inspiring night. It was far more meaningful than ANY Feast of Tabernacles ever was. When you attend things like this you quickly see how dull, boring and emotionally bankrupt COG services are/were. Also, I am not talking about so called ‘praise worship’ that the happy clappy crowd get’s worked up over. No endless singing of making love to Jesus and singing the same verse 70×7 times over.

  5. This is incredible! All these people worshiping and rejoicing at that Feast celebration, and not one word about anyone being condemned to GEHENNA!!!! for not attending.

    So many people, so many nations, so much music, so many colors, so many smiles. Wow! The best Feast I ever attended [best Feast ever! lol] couldn’t scratch this.

    It’s uplifting rather than condemnatory. Restoring rather than wounding. Inclusive rather than exclusive. Inviting rather than intimidating. Festive rather than somber. Focus on life rather than death. I’m smiling just watching it and I’ve got nothing to do with it. … wow

    No doubt in my mind that this is very pleasing to God.

  6. No doubt there is true praise and worship there! And joy! Now that is NOT a OWCG trait. Dead and devoid, but never joy. Was there ever a “joyful noise” made to God in OWCG? Such dreary depressing songs. These FOT’s truly make a joyful noise to the Lord!

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