WTF—this is child abuse!!!

…and you know that WTF does not stand for “what the food production” but you know what! Thanks to blogger Ironwolf’s message board, I found  this strange ministry for children called Kidz In Combat. Here is one poster’s description of it and asks:

Does anybody else think this seems rather disturbing?
Has anybody seen anything like it before?





A special message from David Walters
Some people think that if kids die when they are young, they will go to heaven. They believe this, because they think kids are innocent, but they are wrong. We know that God loves kids, (the first thing He told Adam and Eve to do was to have kids.) God wanted kids to be like Him, but Adam and Eve, our great, great, great, great, etc. etc. grandparents messed up and so a lot of kids have turned up behaving more like the devil, than God.
 So Listen Kids
You don’t go to heaven because your cute. You don’t go to heaven because your a kid. You only go to heaven if you have had you’re sins washed in the blood of Jesus and you have made Him your Lord and Savior.

Found on this page :-

I found that statement very disturbing it seems like Mr.Walters has no care for Isaiah 7 where it discusses age of accountability.  I would love get Aggie and Russ to really let this guy David Walters really, really have it! Some people will question, “Well Felix, don’t you believe that Jesus is THE ONLY WAY to salvation???” Yes, I do—but I believe it is God that does the calling and God does the saving—not us puny humans who seem to have a need to make a “hellocentric” gospel to frighten people into God’s love. We should preach the “good news” and treat it as “good news”. My problem with a “hellocentric” gospel it makes the recipients neurotic at best and very narcissistic and self-absorbed at worst.  Exposing children under 12 to this nonsense does no one any good in the long run. This EXACTLY reminds what I saw in the documentary movie Jesus Camp.

When I have kids (hopefully in the next few years)—I don’t want them exposed to this nonsense either.  I can share the sentiment in Kid Rock’s song “Amen’ where he sings about being scared of sending his child to church. As one of the posters on Ironwolf’s blog rightly says, “Leave the kids alone, just let them be kids!” Trust me, if any church has a problem with that simple request (and that request is not that hard!)—I am having none of their defiance! None of it! Don’t test me!

 Here’s more assertions from the website:

Kids that have been in David Walter’s meetings have been anointed (used powerfully) by the  Holy Spirit to do great things for God. 
  We have seen kids shake, fall down, cry, and get right with God after they have heard the preaching and been prayed for the Holy Spirit to touch them.   
Many of them have seen angels, heaven and hell, and visions of Jesus. As the kids have got to know God in a real way, He has started to use them. Maybe God is calling you to be RADICAL, if so click on the word Join in the colored menu below. If you have already joined God’s army, click on the word Victory.These kids are being psychologically indoctrinated. Nothing more. I will even direct you to a site on my old blog where a video describes the Pentecostal movement is NOT of God and an ex-Pentecostal refutes this type of abuse. Here is the location at As with any Pentecostal-charismatic group, DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!



14 thoughts on “WTF—this is child abuse!!!

  1. This touches very deeply on the religious freedom issue.
    To what extent should our Western democracies, or representative republics allow certain practices, practices which are clearly damaging, to continue unmonitored?

    Generally speaking, religious groups, if they can prove that an activity is an integral part of their particular religion, get a pass. Even the children of the polygamists are being returned to their parents at the FLDS compound in Texas, as we discuss this.

    I’ve never liked fear based religion. If we’re talking about fear, as in fear of a good horse, or fear of a motorcycle, I understand. Now, there are two things which if not respected, can kill you. In religion, it is balanced to have a reasonable fear or respect towards God, but not to use that fear to manipulate behavior. God prefers free will decisions that are not made under duress. He wants us to have a relationship with Him because we love Him, not because we fear any of the several versions of hell, the trib, or an angry jowl flapping “apostle”.

    Part of the reason why this Pentecostal group strikes a nerve with those of us recovering from WCG relates to why the WCG was also such a bad joke: Most of the people were in there because they feared HWA’s thundering prophecies regarding the tribulation, and were willing to put up with, and perpetrate, all manner of abuse and enslavement just to escape it. It reminds me of the Stanford jail role-playing experiments! Some spiritual guidance! Armstrongism was not strong on love and nurturing. The ministers even made fun of ministers in other faiths who were! I think they called it “preaching soft things” instead of “the truth”.

    Anybody who has studied basic personnel administration, conflict resolution, psychology, or motivation knows that these super strict churches are totally going counter the ways in which human nature responds optimally. You have to shudder over the damage being done, because you just know that so many of the children and members are going to need to undergo years of therapy or recovery, just as we all have.

    If the Pentecostal group has a website, I’d love to sick Aggie, Russell, K-Scribe, Tom Mahon, and anyone else who is skilled in the art of verbal attack on these people!

  2. Thanks, Byker Bob, for leaving me out of the mix.

    Taking down Wade Cox is about all I could take.

    It is far too resource intensive to go after someone like this, particularly when you wonder, “Just where are the parents?”.

    And I’m not certain you’ve exercised the best of discretion in your choices, either. Be careful what you ask for. The end result could be worse than just leaving it alone and not going around pulling on the ears of stray dogs. KScribe I trust. The rest… well… let’s just say it is less than satisfying to engage people who cover their act with carefully crafted weasel words.

    There are three words which cover this situation:

    Child Protective Services.

  3. Doug, I’d have some choice words for you if I were not on someone else’s blog. Suffice it to say that I’m pretty sure you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  4. Everybody (and I mean everybody) let’s stick to topic ( which is about charismatic-Pentecostal religious child abuse) and put this feud business aside.

  5. It would appear that Charismatic-Pentecostal religious child abuse is rooted in the actions and influences of demons — if this is a discussion among Christians.

    Would it not be unwise to dabble in the affairs of such figures, if that is the case?

    What would God, through the Holy Spirit have us do?

    Talk about it on blogs controlled by the demons?

  6. LOL Dougie you’re just digging yourself in deeper and deeper here — either you just called Felix a demon, or you’re implying Russell and I are demons.

    You bucking for a spot next to Witless Weinland or something?

  7. You know, I’d like to have a bunch of invective for these people, but somehow I just can’t muster it. They’re beyond invective, they’re beyond being cussed at, they’re beyond being angry at.

    About the only good response is to turn around, walk away, and shake your foot off as you leave.

    As long as we as a society regard children as property and see them as the parent’s to do with as they want, we will keep seeing things like this and there ain’t a damn thing we can do about it.

  8. Yes the story reminded me very much of Jesus Camp, and the similar Law & Order episode that was “ripped from the headlines” about it.

    As for Dougie and the others well, their comments say more about themselves, than they do about us, eh Russ?

  9. If the Pentecostal group has a website, I’d love to sick Aggie, Russell, K-Scribe, Tom Mahon, and anyone else who is skilled in the art of verbal attack on these people!

    Given that people can’t even get a name right, it’s clear that anything they say is totally worthless.

    This is typical of both Armstrongists and ex-Armstrongists who want to carry on the same methodologies to which they have been exposed.

    Now some of the comments above have taken what I have said totally out of context: The two posters who do so are liars and deceivers, and they have an agenda. My commentary on playing with demons is directed to those who would post to a blog created by David Walters. Anyone who would post to a blog by David Walters is not going to win, but two people posting here have quite deliberately twisted the facts and appear to be totally evil.

    Here is the wickedness from Law and Order for those so fond of quoting from it as I understand it: There once was a man who grew up in the church of Gods who was severely abused by one of his parents. He grew up and thought he had extracted himself from the cult of Armstrongism, but then, one of his parents got him to abuse his own brother. He then posted the whole ugly affair to his own blog and got everybody to say “look at this!”.

    Up until the point that he abused his own brother, he was truly a victim, but he claimed that he went into some sort of trance or other and just passively held his brother to be abused by his parent. At that point, he became an accessory and responsible for yet another heinous act. Under the terms of the Laws of the State of New York, he would then be guilty of not only assault against a child, but would also be an accessory and could be prosecuted for depraved indifference. The Law and Order series has a number of stories based on this premise as “ripped from the headlines”.

    Instead of taking responsibility for such a heinous act, the guilty party wants to hide under the banner of being the abused. And up until he became the victimizer, he would certainly have our sympathy. After participating in the crime, though, that has been swept away and he is guilty. Not only that, but unlike David, but very much like Saul [the people made me do it — as opposed to “my parent made me do it] there is a stubborn rebellion not to admit to the crime and acknowledge guilt to repent from it.

    What’s worse, others come along and support the abuser and hold in contempt those of us who would defend righteousness. Their conscience is at best skewed and at worst seared with a hot iron. In their distorted perceptions, they have made yet another victim in their pursuit of wickedness.

    This is so reminiscent of when I attended the hearing for the people in United who had been stalked by another UCG member. Two deacons and an deaconess came to defend the stalker. I was shocked! I just couldn’t believe it! The judge couldn’t either, and awarded relief to the plaintiffs.

    One of the interesting things of such people is their propensity to try to convict others to justify themselves. Picture a defendant trying to persuade a judge to drop the charge by the defense that the prosecutor must have committed a crime of some type at some time and so because of another’s crime they should be let off. I can tell you from the stalking trial that doesn’t hold water in any sort of real court.

    Now the reference to “bucking for a spot next to Witless Weinland” is about the most stupid statement ever. Here is a person who has made a reputation for themselves as a shameless self-promoter to gain a validation for themselves, not unlike a political candidate looking for a nomination. It should be pointed out that I have been at this a lot longer than the person referenced without a lot of fanfare. No one references my Church Corporate except Felix here. God seems to have used me to take down Wade Cox and the Christian Churches of God — a man who, in the words of Mark Lax, “worships Satan”. I’ve stood nose to nose and toe to toe personally confronting ministers in the churches of God, and particularly United. It takes a lot of courage to do that.

    My suspicion here is that my detractors are nothing more than cowards who can hide out under the guise of pretending to staunch abuse, when, in fact, they are abusers.

    Is that Christian?

    And is that much different from David Walters in concept?

    Why don’t you call upon your god to see if He will even listen to you? Or will you find, like the 400 prophets of Baal, he is asleep or on a journey?

    In the end, all you have is words — and the words you have are of little worth and have no lasting effect because they are not found to be in righteousness.

    Felix, you have been honorable and I admire what you have done here and have attempted to do. It’s just too bad that people take advantage of you for their own shameless self-promotion and self-justification.

  10. Actually, having kids was not the first thing Adam & Eve were told to do. That was Eve’s punishment(Gen.3:16) for partaking of the Dragon’s tree.
    The first thing they were told to do was not to eat of the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil”
    Undoubtedly the first humans on the planet were not Adam and Eve,because God did tell some in Gen.1:26-28 to ‘multiply and replenish the earth’and to subdue the animal life on it.
    Remember that there are only three descendants of Adam described by the time he is 130(Gen.5:3)and Abel is killed by Cain,who is sent out of God’s presence.
    Cain’s major fear when being sent out of the Garden was being killed by other humans(Gen.4:14)not animals, which would have been the main fear if there were no other humans outside the area where God placed His presence.

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