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suffering_sovereignt13c487_3.jpg  Ahhh…nothing keeps the peasants dulled and immobile as telling them that suffering is a part of life, nay, a part of being a Christian. Clasp your hands together and bear it, just as Jesus once did. Suffering is your lot in life. Suffering is a constant, to be expected. Suffering is even from God, or allowed by God. Suffering is to be born, a mere passing physical discomfort on this Foul Earth, but keep your eyes on your true goal, the Afterlife. Keep plowing for the Nobles and the King. Keep harvesting for The Church. To suffer and die is your lot in life, a joy that God grants to you in that it teaches Valuble Lessons.

I find this notion to be evil. I destroys the will of man, it destroys the urge to strive, to create, to achieve. It destroys the sense of self worth.

Paul, participant of Shadows of WCG message board critiques Calvinist John Piper’s view (and others who agree) on suffering  and critiques Christians who over-emphasize “the other world” instead of focusing on eliminating suffering and evil in the now.


5 thoughts on “Intelligent quote of the day

  1. Suffering is often the result of incompetence.

    It’s usually much easier to take if it’s someone else’s incompetence, but the pain is usually the same.

    Note that I’ve come to the epiphany and concluded that everything associated with Armstrongism is a result of incompetence, often incompetence so overwhelming there are no words for it — but the forums keep trying anyway….

  2. This is another one of those issues which have caused me to lose confidence in God. There is much Biblical support for the notion that suffering is an integral part of the Christian life – which of course is why it continues to be taught.

    My feeling has been, if suffering is necessary to teach lessons and/or build character, just how much is enough? Not everyone has the faith or the strength of Job, or for that matter Jesus. If God feels it necessary to test and try the faithful, at what point is He just piling on and actually driving people away?

    Parents spank for correction – I understand and support that idea in spite of its current political incorrectness in our society. I know from experience that it works. But I also know from experience that it quickly reaches a point of diminishing returns, and can also become counterproductive if taken even just a little bit too far.

    So I ask the question: If God tests a person, and they prove unequal to the test, WHO has failed? Since God promises not to test beyond what one is able to bear, has not that promise been broken?

    Discipline can be a good thing – I understand. But if I beat the living crap out of my children, I would expect to go to jail for it, and rightly so. I would also expect that they would resent it, and maybe even hate me for doing it.

  3. Suffering is a part of life… Rich or poor – Whether one is a peasant or a noble. Suffering is a relative term, but that relativity doesn’t eliminate the individuals’ suffering, it is real. But there is a light inside all of us, something that outside elements cannot touch. Wealth, accomplishment, failure and poverty cannot touch this light. This light has nothing to do with these things. This light is the Lord within you; his love extends to all people, is all people, and IS you. Realize your own sacredness; realize the love and faith within yourself. Let that faith shine, whether competent or incompetent, whether rich or poor.

  4. (Suffering is often the result of incompetence.

    It’s usually much easier to take if it’s someone else’s incompetence, but the pain is usually the same.)

    Incompetence has nothing to do with the way the world is. We talk about suffering, because it is a fact of life not because we are trying to dull the senses or intellect. We have got to stop apologizing for the past deeds of FAKE political Christianity and be willing to discuss things present day without digging up crap that doesn’t even apply anymore. I think it is only an American/Western notion that DOESN’T want to talk about suffering. Why? Because most of the rest of the world actually SUFFERS. Who has a clean place to lay at night, drinking water, food three times a day, not to say the least having cars, houses, land…?? Live in the shoes of someone from the majority of the rest of the world for a few days and I guarantee your theology of suffering is going to have to explain a few things – or succumb to fear and depression for the rest of your life. Everything in this life points to something far greater. To deny that is simply foolish.

    This in no way suggests that we allow ourselves to be comfortable with injustice. But there is a real significance behind pain. You can’t explain it away, and though you spend your entire lifetime (Mother Theresa) to trying to help ease people’s suffering, like her, you may not hardly make any dent in the areas that you are working in. It reminds us everyday that there must be more than this. And who are we (who cannot even prevent or erradicate it) to question its purpose?

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