Guaranteed to rile New Covenant adherents

This is clip is compiled from an atheist by the pseudonym of ProfMTH who responds to a Christian poster on Youtube by the pseudonym of KristofL who vigourously debates the role of the Law and the Christian. Before anyone loses their cool and gets in a fit of rage (which is all too common in topics like these), go to and search here for The Biblical Law in Christianity and you will discover many positions including The New Covenant position. I have no problem with different the views but as in the case of Armstrongism, is that it believed that the sacrifice of Christ was for PAST SINS ONLY but it was was the LAW that was going to justify you before God from then on there.  Galatians 2:16 is in direct contradiction against the Armstrongist position and of course, I stand behind the biblical fact that one is justified by ones faith in Christ NOT by observing the law. The law can be a sanctifier, NOT the justifier. Also check out RC Sproul’s article in which I support.   Noah and Moses found grace in the eyes of God(Genesis 6:5-20 and Exodus 33:12). It was always about grace from the beginning, the Advent of Christ manifested it in it’s total reality.


2 thoughts on “Guaranteed to rile New Covenant adherents

  1. Good thoughts and references, Felix. This is stuff with which I’ve had to wrestle over the past few years as I returned to a belief in, and faith in Jesus Christ.

    I’ll be delving into the links you’ve provided in more depth as time becomes available, but thanks for pointing us in the right direction!


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